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    Hey all ! For the next month I will be at my father's village, helping him with some olive grove works we have there (I hope you get what I mean, I don't know proper expression in English...). Point is, I am gonna do some mild workout (not much, believe me)... But I want to maintain my progress, so I am gonna do jump rope for cardio day, but for strength/HIIT days, I am thinking "Madman"... But, because it seems to me a bit short, I want to make it a little harder... Should I add 2-3 more sets or do 20' of jump rope? Also, does it have a lot of difference if I shadow box with wrist weights instead of punching bag? I want to make one, but I have nowhere to hang it... Also, a more general question: is evening w/out bad for sleeping, or my body chemistry, assuming I am used to very early workouts? Answering all questions (really hard I know...) will be very appreciated... Thanks a lot
    P.S. neilarey I am tagging you, just because I know you are a fitness guru...

    HI GiorgosD there was a thread to When Do You work out , maybe this helps. I do not have a place to hang a punching bag either (I live in a rather old building, the ceiling will never hold a heavy bag), but there are stands for it. Still playing with the idea of getting one.