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    Hello Everyone! Does anyone use a Garmin Device to track fitness? Garmin is coming out with a new watch (the Venu) this fall. I have been a Fitbit user for years and it's getting a bit old (yesterday it rebooted on me during a workout). I currently have an Ionic. The GPS is inaccurate\unreliable and I have to use a cheststrap with a different app for running since the wrist pulse rate can be very inaccurate at higher heart rates. The Venu will work with a chest strap and I can customize heart rate zones. I also notice that the Garmin app does have similiar sleep tracking data. It looks like the Venu will have a nicer display than their other watches (which is important since I will wear it all the time.

    So, what are your experiences with Garmin?

    You would have to pry my Fenix 5 off of my cold dead arm (aka I love mine). The durability is fantastic (mine has survived many mud runs without a scratch), the battery is great, and the functionality is outstanding. The sleep tracker is ok but it gets the job done. Beyond that it does great especially if you get into setting up your own runs and heart rate zones. I'll have to check out the Venu now (no plans on dumping my Fenix but the wife's Fitbit is dying).


      Thank you Azercord!


        I've been using a Forerunner 735XT for almost a year, and it's been fantastic. The GPS locks on almost instantly, and from my experience is quite accurate (I do a lot of trail running so it's kind of hard to tell). The battery life is great. I've never tried a chest strap with it, but I want to try it to see if there's any difference, since I've heard they're supposed to be way more accurate. Also Garmin Connect is really good for looking at statistics/tracking data, though I find the website better than the app for some things.


          I have been given a Forerunner last christmas and it hasn't left my wrist even since (ok, I take it away when I shower and I clean it after training ). It's accurate, not heavy at all, the gps works well, and I have to charge it once a week, which is not bad considered I keep the bluetooth connection with my cell phone all the day


            Thank you Silent Wolf and Manuela. I am gettting really excited about getting this watch now.


              I've been wearing a vivoactive HR for about 18 months now and like it :=)
              Battery life is good - about 1 week without GPS active.
              With GPS on it is about 1-2 days...

              GPS is quite accurate (within a few meters), but that is to be expected from a Garmin device.
              I'm not sure how accurate the heart rate monitor is and cannot comment about the sleep tracking (I don't wear it at night...)

              My watch has a few scratches and I am on my second watchband (aftermarket from aliexpress) but otherwise it shows no signs of problems.
              When I got it there were some software glitches but these seem to have been fixed with a few updates.

              So generally speaking I think it is a solid choice :=)



                tomtom42 made me think about this when he mentioned the bands. I am on my second one as well (after market, super cheap but good) but the cool thing is the quick release. They are designed for things like obstacle courses so the band will release at the connection to the watch once a certain amount of pressure is applied. While I've never had it randomly let go during the day I can demonstrate the quick release feature to the safety guys at work (a quick yank to the band and it pops) so I can wear my watch on site. I'm not sure what field you work in but I found that aspect really nice.


                  Thank you tomtom42! I am really excited about a more accurate GPS. And a note on the bands, I do change the bands with my fitbit. Since I wear it all the time, I change the bands to match the color of my clothes (vain, I know, lol).


                    Originally posted by CODawn View Post
                    And a note on the bands, I do change the bands with my fitbit. Since I wear it all the time, I change the bands to match the color of my clothes (vain, I know, lol).
                    Well the good news is that at least for the vivoactive you can get aftermarket bands in a ton of colors for very little money (~2€) from aliexpress and similar stores.
                    Changing the band takes a bit of time though - these use screw-in pins...


                      A few months back I bought a "Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR" it is a previous model, I only paid EUR 125,- (USD 135,-) for it for me a perfect deal. The Polar M430 (also an older model) was also a contender but I found the Suunto better for swimming. Garmin ForeRunner is also a good watch.

                      When you compare older GPS models with a newer ones, you will find out that, release cycles are somewhat slow and changes not mindblowing.
                      It is tempting to look a the latest top of the line model but they have a price tag.

                      When it comes to "Sport Watches": Polar, Garmin and Suntoo are the best brands compare multiple!

                      In my search for watches if have read a lot blogs and tests. ( and others)
                      When you take a look at different type of watches you can split these in 3 groups, based on my findings there are pros/cons per watch type. I went for a "Sport Watch" perfect for GPS tracking, for health tracking a "Bracelet" is a better fit.

                      For hearth rate tracking a band is most accurate, sensors on the watch itself are fine not completely off, sometimes slightly.

                      * Smart Watches:
                      Apple, Samsung

                      - Connectivity with cell-phone
                      - Software and user-interface

                      - Delicate, not that rugged
                      - Battery life is limited (getting better)
                      - Expensive
                      * Fit Bracelets:
                      Garmin Vivo, FitBit, Xiaomi, Huawei

                      - Perfect for step, sleep and hearth rate tracking
                      - Cheap
                      - Good battery life

                      - Gps tracking not the best

                      * Sport Watches:
                      Polar, Garmin, Suntoo

                      - Ok battery life
                      - Durability
                      - Best GPS accuracy

                      - Top of the line models are expensive
                      - Step, sleep and hearth rate tracking are fine but not perfect


                        Thank you so much photon! The thing I like about the Garmin I am looking at is that I can get a chest strap (in fact, I think we have a Garmin chest strap around here somewhere) that will pair with the watch. I've read that for higher intensity workouts (such as a run), the chest strap is the best while the wrist HR monitor works OK for for medium intensity. This seems to be in line with my Fitbit Ionic. I where a chest strap that hooks up to an app on my phone and run the treadmill. The AHR rarely matches (except Monday...which was weird, but, it was an easier run for me so my HR wasn't as high).