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    Daily Pushups/Squats/Pullups

    I’ve used DAREBEE many times in the past. Now I’ve settled for a few months on 15 pull-ups, 60 squats, 45 pushups everyday. Is there any definitive research on daily strength training? Thanks

    Not sure what this means exactly.

    Yes, there has been research.

    Are you concerned whether it is harmful to do daily strength training? Because, then, the answer is more nuanced.

    In short: not really, but it depends.

    At length: daily strength training is fine as long as you can recover. You don't have to skip a day to recover - recovery depends more on personal metabolism, nutrition, base level of fitness, etc. What I would NOT do it repeat exercises to failure every day, as then you are more likely to be injured.

    Good luck!


      Hi jordansiegel1984, if you are trying to maintain your physique but not looking at any gains, then yes that workout is absolutely fine.
      If you need improvement in strength or any thing then there should be improvement (Change) in the training you do too..

      For example you can keep the exercises to be the same, but can add variety like in pull-ups - normal grip, wide grip, close grip, etc., Push-ups too similar, squats - jump squats, ski squats, etc..
      and to increase the intensity you can always add weight like, buy a weighted vest ( You can generally buy 10kg, but use it with 0-10kg) and increase the weights as you go.

      What Darebee programs does is, remove all this thinking for us and provides all the variety and variations required to keep improving.

      Hope this helps... All the best..