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    Hi all,

    I got a knee injury, which some of you knew, back in mid-July. My doc diagnosed a medial meniscus problem. Then I did therapy and about a month of exercises with my physio and at home. Recently I get my MRI scan back and it says everything's normal, but at this point I still feel some knee pain after doing exercises like high knees and jumping jacks.

    My injury is on the left knee, but my left leg is actually stronger, which both me and my physio agree. Today I did the Knee workout. During the single leg squat I definitely struggled more when I was doing it on the right side. So can a knee problem on the one side be caused by the other leg being weak?

    I plan to keep doing the Knee workout for 2 to 3 weeks. I am also doing Foundation, and stretching my quads and hamstrings almost every day. I want to do Knee Tuner as well, once or twice a week. What do you think? Should I stick with the Knee one or just dive into Knee Tuner, or can I do both? It isn't very painful but annoying for sure.

    Any advices are welcome, and if you are seeing something/ problems that you think I am not aware of, please feel free to point it out, thanks!

    Originally posted by kandy View Post
    So can a knee problem on the one side be caused by the other leg being weak?
    Sometimes the body compensates on one side to remedy weaknesses on the other.

    Originally posted by kandy View Post
    Should I stick with the Knee one or just dive into Knee Tuner, or can I do both? It isn't very painful but annoying for sure.
    If you are better and you can do the most difficult exercises I would go directly to those, so: Knee Tuner.
    It is very difficult to reinforce only one part, it is easier for the weak part to slowly adapt to the rest, therefore raising the level of the exercises the "weak" part is slowly forced to run to stay behind the rest of your body.
    This is just my opinion of course


      Fremen Thank you for responding. I am going to post the workout here for convenience:

      I am not 100% sure if I will feel cool after all the squats, squat hold, butt kicks, and turning kicks. I am okay with squats but not sure about that number of squats.

      I even get problems with calf raises. Sometimes I feel a bit of discomfort/ pain at the knee after some raises (for Calves of Steel challenge). Recently I have been trying to correct my form so that when I land from raised heels I do so with the entire front of my soles landing simultaneously instead of only the medial side (the big ball of the feet) landing first. I am not sure if that will help but I notice that the clicking sound that happens at the knee when I land my heels previously with "bad" form disappears.

      I have knee valgus and my feet pronate (flat feet), so I always collapse inward in a lot of the movements, but now I am improving so sometimes I manage to squat without my knees caving in. These days my feet aren't so pronated and I see in the first time of life arches underneath my feet.

      Then I simply haven't tried butt kicks and turning kicks.

      I have done single leg forward jumping, step up with weight, lunges, and even the leg press machine. I managed to leg press >200 lbs and my weight is about 100lbs. Is that enough for Knee Tuner?

      Also waiting for more input.

      TheRaven Damer Redline
      It will be cool if you guys can advise, too. Thank you!


        kandy I would suggest working both knees and easing in. You definitely want to have strength on both legs to avoid imbalances. And the only way to strengthen knees is by working out. A little discomfort as you do is relatively normal, especially after a lay-off. It is always a case here of listening to your body and moving forward incrementally. We're all guilty, without exception, at one point or another of just wanting to rush back in, especially after an injury. I hope this helps.


          Damer I could do hundreds of squats and thousands of high knees or jumping jacks without knee pain before the injury (when I didn't even consider myself super fit), but now I get pain with just a hundred or less jumping jacks or high knees. Why so? Does that mean my knee is still injured? I should have the ability to do that thousand, right? I just don't understand. Please let me know if I will be able to get back to the previous stage... or is it permanent... sad... I have full range of motion, if that helps.

          And thank you for responding.

          PS: I am an athlete (not professional), which is why I am so concerned and have feelings about things.


            kandy every injury incurs a period of de-strengthening, when the muscles, tendons and ligaments use their old ability because they are inactive as the injury heals. To get back to the original level of fitness requires re-strengthening and that needs a structured protocol where, usually, you go through the full range of motion but under a lighter load or slower. Usually pain is the complaint of muscles needing to adapt to get stronger. So, in answer to your question, yes you can get back to your original fitness but you need to be patient, persistent and careful. We always lose strength faster than we acquire it. I came across a study a few months back that showed that after 35 a two-week holiday break can result in as much as 45% loss of strength and fitness and then that requires between 4 - 5 months to return to what it used to be before the holiday break. Sometimes I consider the wisdom of finding ways to exercise as I sleep.


              Damer Thank you! It's one of the best things I have heard!

              I know strength loses pretty quick but the speed of loss still makes me question it.


                I can testify as to the truth of Damer statement. Every single time I am away traveling as I have aged (I am now 56+), the amount of fitness lost is shocking. It’s nice to see the numbers, Damer! I think exercising in my sleep MAY be an answer! 😝😤
                Slow and steady, kandy, you are on the right path forward. Knee injuries suck so bad, but I am impressed with your fortitude. Just don’t rush it. Use ice after working the knee and elevate it and rest often.


                  DorothyMH Thank you for your kind words.