Help me bulk for the first time!

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    Help me bulk for the first time!

    Hello Bees,I opened new thread so I could get as many tips for Lean Bulking as possible.
    Currently I am at 13 percent Body Fat(Random guy that's been working out for few years gave me this number,it's probably accurate) , at 61kg - 134lbs.
    Current body picture :

    I've been thinking about starting a lean bulk soon and it will be in a few days since a lot of people told me to go for it.
    I'm scared to start bulking because this is the first time in my life I've been looking this good and I don't want to gain a lot of fat again but I do want to get bigger so I'll go for it.

    Since I have been cutting for last couple months ,after the Lean Bulk I think the cut will go much more easier because now I know all the tips I didn't know when I started cutting.
    Actually I got used to cutting so the cutting will be the easier part.

    I was thinking about stopping Intermittent fasting and eating around 2650-2750 calories daily,that would make me gain around 2 lbs a month.
    I need all the tips I can get about Lean Bulking ,please don't hold yourself,even if it's something small just recommend me anything and I'll learn more about it and hopefully it will help me with my bulking plan.

    What do you think how long should I bulk,to how much weight,should I increase my strength workouts and stop my cardio/HIIT programs?

    I'm very scared to begin this bulk but we will see how it goes... I will start tommorow or in 2 days and take a Start Picture so I can compare it later on.

    “...If there is no risk, there is no reward.”