Lack of progress OR psyching myself out

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    Lack of progress OR psyching myself out

    Hey guys!!
    hope all is well
    So I just have a quick question... I went for a major bike ride the other day. 8 miles in 2 hours- it's been close to 5 years since I've rode a bike.
    Maybe it's my mind playing tricks on me but I feel like I have more fat or cellulite on my legs and I've been going swimming so I don't understand. My diet is the same which isn't the best but isn't the worst and I've even been drinking more water?
    ​​Is there an explanation or is my mind just playing tricks πŸ€”

    XxXKiarraXxX it depends. Cellulite is really the natural way the body stores fat in fat cells to use at a time of need as fuel (it plays a few other roles as well but let's focus on its primary one here). How it's stored depends upon a lot of factors: age, training, training intensity, muscle-to-fat consistency in specific areas of the body (while it is not possible to lose fat locally with exercise targeting specific body parts it is possible to 'tighten up' areas by eliciting muscle growth there), diet (as you suggest) and the time of year (some times). All of these can make cellulite deposits increase or decrease depending on how they are combined. Now, I know my answer is not a definitive one which is probably what you were hoping for, but I will say that you can try playing around with these combinations and see what happens. Two things to do: A. Keep track of what you are actually doing. Memory alone is not reliable. B. Don't over-worry about it. It is a natural aspect of the body and you just need to understand what it is you need to combine to get the desired outcome. I really hope this helps.