Ironborne vs Fullcircuit with Back and Core program for beginner?

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    Ironborne vs Fullcircuit with Back and Core program for beginner?

    Hello folks,

    I am a first time poster here. I have just now finished the 30 days foundation program. It’s helped me to get into the habit of working out everyday. I’m super excited to get started on another program from tomorrow. But I’m not sure where to go next.

    For a bit background, I am a mid 30s male with issues coming from very bad tightness in my knees/IT band. No other problems. I have mostly been sedentary for most of my life and, my fitness levels are slowly improving. I had troubles walking fast for more than 100 metres due to tightness in my legs - my legs would get very tight and I would have to stop. This meant that I could never really do extended sessions of cardio. But thanks to the foundation program and the top to bottom stretch workout program, I am now able to walk fast continuously for 10-20 minutes without any problems. I weigh about 85 kgs and my height is 5’7” or about 171 cms. My body type is more stocky than fat.

    I have spoken to a physiotherapist about my issues and he recommends that I strengthen my abs, glutes and quads. He also recommends that I stretch daily. This is why I do the top to bottom workout everyday after the exercise. He did recommend a set of exercises, but I always had troubles following it. Something about the Darebee workout programs makes sense for me and I am able to follow it. That’s how I could finish the Foundation program and improve my situation with the legs.

    So this is the part I need help with. Which program should I pick for my workout routine?

    I was thinking of picking either the Ironborne or the Full circuit 30 day program, followed by the Back and Core program and then the top to bottom workout. I will do the exercises in the morning in one session.

    My goal is to mostly loose weight, tone up a bit while continue to strengthen the legs. I am favouring the Ironborne program for now as it is different. The Foundation program was mostly light body weight exercises and I think I might get bored with another 30 days of the same if I pick the Full circuit program.

    Secondly, would the back and core program be too much exercise for one day?

    Thank you you for any help.

    Welcome to the Hive,first of all ,you can't lose weight just by exercising.
    Did you make changes to your eating habits,are you on a calorie deficit etc. ?


      If the ironborn program inspires you and you're afraid to get bored doing 30 days of free body exercise maybe you've already decided
      Maybe add some stretching or some flexibility exercises to not lose what you've earned with the Fondation program
      30 days of Yoga could be an interesting idea:

      P.S. Welcome



        It's good to hear your progress because I suffer from knee problem as well, and I am currently on Foundation day 3. I know how sometimes you can't follow everything your physio assigns.

        I have done neither of the two programs, but Ironborn looks easier to me. You don't get any rest in Full Circuit, and Ironborn probably takes less time.

        Definitely add Back and Core. I have done it twice and I love it. It took me about 10 mins each day in average.

        I recommend adding a cardio or HIIT challenge for yourself if you choose Ironborn so that you get some cardio work everyday.