Intermittent fasting and working out - Body fat problem

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    Intermittent fasting and working out - Body fat problem

    Hey guys,
    I started Intermittent Fasting two weeks ago ,and working out 2 months ago(Most of the time it was 5 times a week).
    I dropped from 71kg to 65kg,my height is 174cm.
    So that probably sounds like a fine weight ,but the problem is that i probably have a higher percentage of body fat.I looked at some pictures of people with 65kg and they mostly look great,no belly!
    But in my case i have some belly fat ,is reason a higher body fat percentage? And will strength workout and keeping intermittent fasting help me lose body fat faster?
    I don't drink soda's,almost no candys etc. , i try to stick to maximum of 1300 calories,which i guess is working fine since i lost about 6.5kg in a little less then 2 months.
    My workout days would be like Biceps Back,Triceps Shoulders,Legs,Legs and repeat.(One time i started doing cardio-ab workout every day)
    What would you suggest me ,which workout plan,which diet etc. to drop my body fat percentage and get leaner?

    Hi lovethedoggo

    There is an article on Darebee about belly fat you may want to read.
    Here is an extract :
    Plan of Action

    Do cardio and high burn workouts but make sure you change things up. Our bodies adapt to any monotonous training and optimise for the minimum energy expenditure = fat burn. The trick here is to keep your regimen fresh: do HIIT (high intensity interval training), jogging and sprints, bodyweight circuits and strength training. The more confused your body is the better the results you’ll get. Implement regular daily exercise into your life and make it your goal to complete at least one routine each day even if it’s just a few sets.
    Hope it helps, and congrats for your weight loss


      Sarasta ,
      Thanks,i'll be glad to read the article!


        Hello lovethedoggo,
        First of all, congrats on your weight loss and sticking to your diet for 2 months.

        I've been trying to seriously lose fat and improve my overall fitness for 2 months, including intermittent fasting and more sports.
        It works pretty well : went from 54.5 to 51.5 kg, lost one size on the pants, can wear slim shirts that stayed unused in the cupboard for years, and improved performance... so I propose to share my feedback.

        Regarding nutrition, it seems that macro dieting works.
        Macro means you don't just count the calories, you monitor whether these calories come from fat, carbohydrates or proteins, because according to research, the body is not processing these macronutrients the same way.
        If you want to lose fat, you should reduced the calories from carbohydrates (and be careful on the ones from fat), typically having one third of the total amount of calories from each type on "sedentary" days. On active days with workouts, the amount of carbohydrates must increase (and the total amount of calories too).

        Darebee is providing several Mealplans where you can see that the food is split by categories.
        If you are more on the "precise counting" side, you can use an app that help you track the amount of fat, carbs and proteins in each food (based on database of staples and commercial food). There are several apps out there, I went for "mynetdiary", a little bit randomly, but as I did not pay the premium fee, I use it just to count the macros and not to set the goals for each macro.
        To know the goals for each macro, I use the "macro calculator" here, which has many options to target your situation and seams pretty much correct, based on my feedback of ~2 months of macro adjustments.

        I also do intermittent fasting, the 16 : 8 option, meaning I skip the breakfast and have all my meals between 12 and 8pm.
        First, I have been adjusting gradually my macros for 1 months (I ate way too much carbs and fat and too few proteins). It worked in term of weight reduction and overall fat loss. Then, I added intermittent fasting for a focus on the "problem areas", i.e. belly, love handles. I usually exercise in the morning, thus, on empty.

        Regarding workouts, I am not at all a specialist, but you should go for high burn or HIIT workouts, not "strength/tone".
        In my case I'm running, but if you don't want to do that, there are many high burn and HIIT workouts in the Darebee database. 1 minute of high knees will burn much more than 1 minute of, say, biceps curls.

        Finally, it seems that losing fat is a long-term journey.
        If you change your habits from sedentary to more active and reduce calorie intake, your body is reacting by storing more energy (fat) and becoming more efficient on the workouts. You have to show it you're serious by continuing on the long term (even if it is with a less stringent diet), and "surprise" it by changing your workouts. There are many clear articles in the Fitness and Nutrition sections of Darebee.

        Take care!


          marion ,
          Thanks for replying,i read your reply.
          I also do the 16 but lately i've been slowly transfering to 18 to help me burn belly fat faster hopefully,16 isn't a big challenge anymore I can do it everyday easily.
          I've also been cutting on carbs ,before I would eat like 2-3 pieces of bread a meal but now I eat 1 ,sometimes I don't even eat bread,also I eat less pasta etc...
          From today i'll start doing HIIT workouts and we'll see how that goes,also I'll try to stay under 40 grams of carbs.
          If you have any suggestion how many macros should I eat for fat loss please reply.
          I sometimes use app MyFitnessPall to count macros but I keep forgetting to use it daily(You most likely use it or heard of it,if not you should use it,it's great.)


            Well,sorry about that emojis ,it automatically puts them,I wanted to say 16 : 8 and 18 : 6


              Dear lovethedoggo

              Congrats on starting your journey, to get more fit and lean.

              I feel, that I have to give you some numbers, cause many things get a litlle mystified by ourselves while losing weight/fat.

              To lose 1 kg of fat you have to cut 7700kcal.
              With your actual intake of 1300kcal, you probably lost 1kg of fat in a week, what is a lot .
              with an intake of 1800 you still would lose 0,5kg. To maintain your weight: 2400 would be fine.
              > 4kg of your loss is (sadly) just water...

              IF is not magic, it provides you with a pattern, that is easier to maintain, for some people.
              What matters for fat loss: kcal intake vs. kcal output

              Where your body loses fat is is its choice and not an effect of IF,or special exercises like crunches for the belly etc.
              You may look leaner after your fast, cause the stomach is empty.

              While you lose weight it is important to do strength training, else your body uses muscles for energy. Therefore it is important to have enough protein, 120g for your constitution should be ok.

              I hope it helps a little bit.


                HellYeah ,
                Thanks for providing me some more information!
                Im part of a Facebook group for IF and some members told me that IF is mainly for losing fat and weight loss is just a bonus,so is that right or no?
                Just did HIIT as some replies here said to do,would 2 Sets of be enough to start losing body fat soon?
                3 sets is just too hard for me currently , should I instead start which is more suitable for beginners.
                Proteins are a big trouble with me,I can't get more than 70g a day ,should I start buying protein supplements to help me reach my goal and will proteins make a big difference in my fat loss.


                  lovethedoggo OK great, so we're on the same intermittent fasting pattern! (I was wondering if you were doing the 5 : 2 one, which is more extreme and, I've heard, much more difficult to maintain in the long term).
                  Yes I've heard about MyFitnessPal.

                  In your case, 1300cal seems very low, and 40g of carbs extremely low If you ditch completely the starchy food, you'll reach that amount with just 2 cups of sliced cucumbers, 2 tomatoes, 1 nectarine and one glass of milk. If you keep the starchy food, that's less than 1 cup of rice... For a whole day!

                  Macro needs depends on your sex, weight, height, objective and age. You can use the calculator I mentioned with your data. In any case, the values given by HellYeah are right, you don't need to go as far as 1300cal/day for a man with your constitution. I my case, I aim for ~1250cal on sedentary days (calorie output less than 200) with ~100g carbs, ~110g proteins and ~45g fat, but... I'm a woman, 51 kg, 168cm, so with very different needs from yours!

                  Btw, reaching the objective for the "fat" macro is important too, not only the carb one, and it can also be a challenge (e.g. 1 tbsp olive oil = 14g fat). That's why it's important to track honestly everything.

                  HellYeah cleared a confused part of my post: even though "high burn/HIIT" training is helping for fat loss, you have to take care that your body doesn't use your muscles for energy, hence eating enough proteins and also doing some strength training.


                    marion ,
                    Well I thought I should eat as least carbs as possible because I see a lot of people doing the KETO diet and losing the weight like crazy.

                    Currently I'm at about 65kg ,should I start focusing at building the muscles and definition right now,because as I said a lot of people have 65kg like me but have flat stomach.

                    What are your thoughts on protein supplements ,because it will be very hard for me to hit the protein goal with just food,almost impossible.

                    Sorry for asking but what do you mean by starchy food,are those plants etc. ? (My native language isn't English so I don't know a lot of terms)


                      Originally posted by lovethedoggo View Post
                      HellYeah ,
                      Thanks for providing me some more information!
                      You are welcome...

                      Im part of a Facebook group for IF and some members told me that IF is mainly for losing fat and weight loss is just a bonus,so is that right or no?
                      You can use IF to lose, maintain or gain weight. What matters is what and how much you eat.

                      Just did HIIT as some replies here said to do,would 2 Sets of be enough to start losing body fat soon?
                      3 sets is just too hard for me currently , should I instead start which is more suitable for beginners.
                      Exercises are a good addition to lose weight, but they are not essential... Do what you like, push yourself and find a routine, that you can stay with for a longer period,

                      Proteins are a big trouble with me,I can't get more than 70g a day ,should I start buying protein supplements to help me reach my goal and will proteins make a big difference in my fat loss.
                      What is the matter?


                        Originally posted by HellYeah View Post

                        What is the matter?
                        Well,I don't eat that much protein rich food,I would find it easier and cheaper to use supplement.


                          Originally posted by lovethedoggo View Post

                          Well,I don't eat that much protein rich food,I would find it easier and cheaper to use supplement.
                          Then...real food should be your way to go...

                          ​​​​​​...if not... use supplements...


                            lovethedoggo , by "starchy food" I mean rice, wheat-based food like pasta, bread, semola..., potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, quinoa, chickpeas, fava bean... in short, plant food that is not "green vegetables" (although "green vegetables" are not always green, like cauliflower or carrots). In French, we call them "féculents" or "aliments riches en amidon". By the way, what's your native language?

                            It was difficult for me to reach my goals in protein, especially liking more the vegetables than the meat usually. Also, I couldn't change my family diet: we still eat almost no meat or fish for dinner.
                            So I changed my habits for lunch when I'm at work, not with the kids. Now I'm eating either grilled fish or seafood or grilled chicken, with vegetables. I sometimes add some ham or hard-boiled egg or soy yogurt.
                            Finally, my trick is to find food that is high in protein but not high in fat or carb at the same time. I've got in the cupboard some canned tuna, in the freezer several cooked chicken breast, and in the fridge some ham or shrimps. After dinner, I check my protein amount, and if it's not sufficient, I take one of these instead of cheese or desert.
                            Tofu is great for a change of taste, but high in fat. Nuts (walnuts, pumpkin nuts, almonds, cashew nuts...) bring you a number of good things, including proteins, but they are very high in fat, so I take no more than 1 or 2 tablespoon of them from time to time.

                            Like HellYeah I also think you don't have to take supplements. You want to be able to maintain your diet in the long term, and for that, the pleasure of eating is important (I think).
                            You will already be reducing strongly or deleting cakes, cheese, sauces and other food that maybe you like a lot, so don't be too hard on yourself and go for a post-apocalyptic diet. Or at least for me protein supplements you buy in big plastic jars seem like an apocalyptic diet (below the gruel they have in Matrix)!
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                            Take care!