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  • Nice Starter to Lose Weight?

    Hello there! I am kinda new to Darebee and exercise in general, and I want to ask which programs/challanges/exercises would be best to lose weight.

    Some background: I'm at my late teens/early twenties, 80 kg in weight, currently living at home for the summer but would be at dorms during any other months of the year. I started doing exercises around two months ago, although it was only unsystematic push ups, crunches, and chair dips. Found Darebee around a month ago and did some workout daily while staring at the HIIT page promising myself to do it but never live up to it

    Have been doing Total Abs workout for ten days now, previously I tried Advance HIIT for a week before my freelance work made me stop for five days and have not got the motivation to start it again (I know I am bad but pls help)

    My ultimate goal is to be stronger in general (ie can run longer, can do more push ups, finally be able to do proper pull ups). A friend of mine who does exercises regularly suggest me to lose weight first and I think that's a good idea.

    So that is my kinda lengthy question, thank you for the help and suggestions!

    You have already had a good start! Maybe the Foundation program would be good for you. If that is too easy for you, maybe the 30 days of change program, it has running and muscle workout. For weight loss and running, this could be interesting for you:


      Welcome to Darebeee!

      Without knowing more about you the info about your weight is not really telling us anything - depending on you height you could be anything from obese to seriously underweight at 80 kg...

      It seems the consensus on loosing weight is that this is much easier achieved by adjusting your calories intake i.e, eating habits than increasing exercise (although it helps of course)... You might take a look at the articles in the nutrition category for much more elaborate info...

      I also second trying Foundation - this is well rounded and a good preparation for other programs :=)



        this can help for proper pull ups PULL UP GUIDE
        there's a workout to run longer RUN LONGER CIRCUIT
        CARDIO BLAST could be a good program


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          Thank you so much for all your responses! I will definitely check the programs/workouts you all give.

          Seems that I should regulate my food intake more then. That is honestly the hardest part of losing weight in my opinion XD.

          Again thank you for the help and hopefully I would be able to go through the exercises....


            Regarding your food intake: Depending on what you eat and drink, you maybe don't need to regulate to much in terms of amount you eat. With "what" I'm talking soft drinks, processed meals (like microwave meals, for example) and overly sugary snacks and sweets. If you cut soft drinks and switch to water or unsweetened teas you can make a big difference in your calorie intake. The same with processed stuff and sugary stuff. Just looking at the ingredients of those things should give you a good pointer if you want to eat that or not. I don't say you should completely cut out sugar, but depending on your current eating habits (which I don't know), you could drop weight with only adjusting those.

            If that's an option for you, I would recommend doing the change slowly and not cold-turkey from one day to the next, so that it'll become easier for you. Changing eating habits isn't easy, but really worth the effort.


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              Oh I do not consume a lot of sweetened drink. Processed snack tho... That's the hard one :p