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    There Are No Stupid Questions Here

    I really need to complete checking (and add to a post about endurance) and I am procrastinating because although it's only Monday I am beginning the week feeling tired as it was a working weekend for me. So here I am writing this out instead. We (and I truly mean all of us here) have created a very special culture in The Hive, where we feel we can pretty much ask anything (or share anything) and we get back answers and support in a totally accepting, encouraging, non-judgemental way. It occured to me that there may be questions that don't get asked because maybe some of you feel that they are so obvious that asking them now is kind of stupid.

    While we have always encouraged an open, questioning culture in The Hive, we have never specified that really there is no question that is stupid. Each of us is at a different point in his or her fitness journey. We all have different knowledge and different questions. And sports science is changing so rapidly these days that even questions which should have been settled a long time ago (like "what makes you strong?" or "what makes you fast?") are now being revisited with fresh information and we are learning new things about them and, sometimes, we also reverse some of the traditional practices that we'd thought were correct.

    A recent thread, for instance, which I started hoping I'd have more time available than I have to add to on fitness myths became a lively discussion that allowed us to explore the concepts more fully because questions were asked in the thread. This is a fully co-creational space. Its value comes from helping not just each person learn at an individual level but helping everyone who comes after and comes across the information and questions, learn too.

    I know that you probably need to no encouragement at all, but just in case: anything you're not sure about, no matter how small it may appear, just feel free to bring it up.

    This is definitely encouraging


      That is what I like about The Hive.

      other fitness sites and yes I can name them but choose not to, if your question isn't what they wan to read then your either a laughing stock and you don't get the answer you want, mot very encouraging for the newbie, or you get banned without a blink of an eye, if you don't train the way they want you to.

      so for The Hive not to be like other sites on the internet, I can see me being here quite awhile.

      so I am now going to say sorry to everyone before you get bored of me, cheers for ha ing me.


      sorry I can't do characters laughing in this thread, the last line is meant to be funny, cheers.