How to add cardio to Strength Protocol or 30 days of Strength

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    How to add cardio to Strength Protocol or 30 days of Strength

    Hello, i'm currently doing Strength Protocol and the results are visible, but, im getting somehow tired of strength day everyday, especially late stage Strength Protocol where I need extra mind set for those impossible pistol squats. These past few days my motivation dropped a lot, so I changed things a bit and did HIIT, it felt amazing, my body was craving it I guess, I was feeling "heavy". So now I dont want to do strength everyday until I get tired and loose this great feeling that comes from cardio. I want the best of both worlds .

    How can I mix strength training and HIIT? Should I add a day to the programs just for cardio?


    possibly, what I like to do is have certain workouts for certain days, you could be pushing yourself to hard, but whats more likely is that you want new stuff to do, if you love cardio, you should do it, but if your going for endurance and strength, what I suggest is doing strength on certain days and cardio on the other, make sure you take at least one break day a week though, the benefits range from lowering stress levels to being able to recover.