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    Need some help with goal setting

    I need some extra input on wether my goals are well put together to achieve the end goal, and it if isn't too much to fast (I tend to make goals that are unachievable and then get bumped if I don't make it).

    So my end goal is to become an ace parkour. To get there I set my goals like this.
    1. Month 1: Start the Heroes journey (taking the 4 most relevant weapons), and Total Abs programs. On day's I feel I can do more, I'll practice some of the basic parkour moves.
    2. Month 2: After I finish total abs I won't be done with HJ. So I was thinking of doing the flexibility challenge, along with ether the core control challenge or the abs & core challenge. By this time I should have the very basics under belt and I can start with more complex moves.
    3. Month 3: Here's where the problem gets really bad since I want to start with Military fit but I don't know if I'll be ready for it. Some help on this area would be appreciated.
    4. Month 4 so here I'm thinking of concentrating on the parkour moves. I will have more clear goals as to what I want to practice when I get there. Which also means I have no idea how long it will take me to "finish" my intensive training.
    Thanks in advance for any advice! I really appreciate it!

    Goal setting is done using the acronym S.M.A.R.T.

    Specific. Be as precise in defining what you want to achieve as possible. For example: I will weigh 170 lbs. by September 30, 2019, is a specific goal.
    Measurable. Be able to clearly show that you are making progress toward your desired result. The example above can be measured. Say you start at 206 lbs with that goal, you can weigh in, measure, each week to see progress.
    Achievable. Based on where you are today, can you get to where you want to be. For example: A goal of dead lifting 300 lbs. with in 30 days when your current best is 60 lbs. is probably not realistic.
    Realistic. Be reasonable in what you are able to do, daily, to achieve your goal. Don't expect to reduce your 40 meter dash time from 6.2 seconds to 4.3 second in 30 days if you can only do suicides once per week for 20 minutes. Also, don't try to accomplish too many objects at on time. Try to limit your goals to 2 or 3 at a time.
    Time Based. Give yourself a fixed amount of time I reach your goal.

    Now, I know squat about Parkour, but what you might do is write out a goal statement concerning one of the moves that you will reach a certain level of competence within 6 weeks, another for the Heroes Journey concerning the weapons you choose, and another about developing core strength. Then put them up somewhere where you HAVE to see them EVERYDAY!

    Just remember, What gets measured, gets improved.


      I knew nothing about parkour, not even heard of it until I saw this post and then I googled it. I still don't quite understand it after watching a video, but it looks interesting.

      Speed and agility are all that I see from the video, so you might work toward that direction. You mention different moves so I think technique and practicing those moves are important as well. To me, some of the moves people do in the video look pretty hard, almost like gymnastics, but then I know nothing about training for gymnastics, so.

      Military fit is hard, and I, too, am not sure if you will be ready after hero's journey. How about combining Strength Protocol with Epic Five? The Strength Protocol page says it will prepare you for advanced move, and Epic Five would be a general fitness addition that I suppose help keeping your cardiovascular system fit. But then you need to be ready for Strength Protocol...

      Or you might consider simply work on general fitness with a focus on cardio just to keep up with the physical demand in parkour training, and for the rest of the time you do parkour moves practice. I saw a lot of running involved.

      Do you have to start parkour so soon?


        Thank you RockNTennessee and kandy.

        So what I'm going to do is rewrite my goals keeping your advice in mind, and then I'll put the new and improved goals up. I'll probably be busy with that for a day or two, "so I'll get back to you".


          Ok so what I've got now is actually a lot less (and yet somehow more) than I had before. kandy's last question really stuck with me, and I realized that with a sport like parkour that has such high fitness requirements it's probably saver to take it a bit slower.

          So I currently have "goals" for the next 3+- months.

          I'm going to start with HJ and TA on the 19 of May.
          After I finish Total Abs I will start with the Abs and core and Flexibility challenges.
          And when I finish with HJ, Abs and Core and Flexibility challenges, I will start with Spartan Trails and Epic 5.

          While I'm busy with the programs, and I feel my motivation is getting a little low (probably in the first week), I'll do some of the basic moves that are more technique based rather than fitness based (rolls and drops for example).

          I know I'm saying this alot but thanks again for the help.
          ​​​​​The community is really great here.


            Witbuks I am not sure what AC and FC are, and TA is probably Total Abs, but good luck and have fun!