Does warm up before joga/skretching is needed ?

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    Does warm up before joga/skretching is needed ?

    I've just wanted to ask that warm up is needed before yoga/skretching ? ,
    If it is, is this would be ok ?
    I wanted to do yoga or skretching before go to sleep,but maybe doing this skretching after a training is better idea( replacing casual post- traing skretching?) and yoga is better before sleep ?
    My goal is to increase my flexibility.

    Yoga and stretching before bed sounds good, but you rather wanna calm down before sleep and not making your blood circulation soar up, so I'd recommend to skip all the hops stuff (the first four exercises) of the warm up workout.
    Light stretching itself can also already count as a warm up for your planned yoga. Just note: it must not hurt!