Can I do two programs at once?

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    Can I do two programs at once?


    So I would like to build muscle while at the same time practice my taekwondo. So I was thinking I do the 30 Days of Gravity and Fighters Codex together at the same time. (Like doing Day 1 of 30 days of gravity and day 1 of fighters codex on the same day)

    Am I doing too much?

    Thanks, Josh

    Doing two regular programs at once is something only for the really fit people.

    Because commonly the recommendation is to only do one regular program and then fill up with add-ons.
    The programs are designed to work on their own, including muscle rest times, etc., so adding a second one can mess up the rest times and cause overtraining.

    Add-ons are the add-on programs (Total Abs, Totals, Back and Core), challenges (there's a new one almost every month, so there's quite a few by now) or warm ups and stretching workouts (Top to Bottom is something many people like). Many people add several things, including the daily dare.


      OK, thanks for the feedback.

      I guess what I'll do is make my own training plan by mixing the fighter and gladiator training plans together.

      It's only because I really like doing programs (because of the structure, and it's easier to train having someone else lay a path for you), and I couldn't find a program to build muscle and practice martial arts. But I guess you gotta make your own path sometimes.


        Josh18 Fighter's Codex is general fitness - it's not strictly a muscle building program but that's most circuits. You get a hybrid. Go slow and focus on form and you will get pretty decent results both in physical fitness and combat technique. I would recommend adding a couple of workouts with a pull-up bar or dumbbells in per week to focus a bit on size but otherwise it'll fit your goal.

        I don't know your fitness background so there are a couple of things to keep in mind: A. Combat increases strength and power without increasing size (One of our team has written a little about this here). You may still get muscle size gains from combat training (depending on your physiology, age, background and lifestyle) but the primary areas it challenges are synergetic (coordination, balance, aerobic capacity, speed etc). B. Muscle building programs like Gladiator will give you size but now you're asking your body to do too many things at once and that may mean (again, depending upon your own neurobiological background) you weaken the results of both programs. This is why I suggest you do one (either combat or strength), as programs which means you have a structured progression and, depending upon your body's ability to recover and not over-fatigue, you add a strength workout (or two) a week or a combat workout or two, depending on which program you do. That way you will have the greatest amount of flexibility, be able to measurably progress in the program and still focus on the additional element by choosing the workouts with the added flexibility of not doing the workouts when/if things get too much but not having to abandon the program.

        I hope this makes sense and I really hope it helps.


          neilarey I think I get it.

          So for example:

          I do the 30 Days of Gravity program to increase muscle mass, then on days where I feel I have a bit more energy and time after the workout I can pick a combat workout to do after, right? (But I would only do 2 or 3 sets since I don't want to overload my body.)


            Sorry for the late reply, btw