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    [Confused] Need help getting started

    Hello Bees!! Im just new in the forum but iv been using and loving Darebee for quite a while now. I was using the app [pocket workouts] and loved it so much. I just did some basic "abs of steel", "Legs of steel" kind of stuff. But I wasnt consistent so I wanted to take up a challenge and there are a lot of them here and Im so confused to choose one. Im also not an absolute beginner. I have a some biceps and chest. I want to be fit more because every few days when I stop doing I can see my belly fat increasing. I want to be fit but I live in a boarding house and the food isnt under my control [they dont care about health ] so I dont think ill be able to follow a diet plan. Feel free to ask about other details to get a better understanding about me so that you can be specific in helping me figure out which is best for me. Thank you for your time and happy sweating!!

    With you not being able to chose your own food, the darebee meal plans are probably not for you. They do require somewhat specific foods.

    But what you can do is count calories. Or simply eat less of the food you are given. Now the protein parts (meat, lentils, egg, tofu, peas, etc.) should not be reduced, but sauce and sides are where you have loads of wiggle room, because you don't actually need that much fat and carbs. If you have the option maybe take the veggies twice and leave the pasta or potatoes out.

    Personally I'm doing dinner cancelling. Meaning I eat moderate portions for breakfast and lunch (about 500 kcal since my TDEE is about 1800 kcal) but then skip dinner. The first two months I was really hungry, but that goes down considerably.
    Many people eat lunch and dinner but leave out breakfast. Or maybe you're the type who could skip lunch and only eat breakfast and dinner.
    You could also call this "Intermittent Fasting", but I hate trends so I'm calling mine dinner cancelling.



      You have found a great place to get into consistent workouts!

      If you are looking to increase your general fitness level, look at the "Programs" tab, here: https://darebee.com/programs.html
      There is a lot to choose from, but I will give you some suggestions. It's probably the best to start from a balanced program. You should look at "Foundation" or "30 Days of Change", they are great starting points! Look at some days, see if you like it, and take up a challenge to work out every day for a month!

      Not being able to choose food is a bit of an issue, but nothing you can't work around. As Noen said before me, definitely eat the protein food. Veggies are also very good and important, if possible you could ask for a bigger serving of them. You could cut down on things like potatoes/rice/bread - but carbohydrates are very important, as they are a sort of fuel for your brain when you are studying, so I think you should still eat some, just not too much.
      Some of the most important things are: Try to have as little sweets/candy as possible. And definitely learn to drink water and unsweetened tea, if you don't do so already. Sweet drinks are a source of a lot of calories, and pretty much nothing else.

      If you have any more questions, just ask! The Hive is a very nice community, and Darebee workouts are good for all levels, and possible to do almost anywhere!


        pavangudiwada ... welcome to The Hive, the social side of DareBee.
        While it is admirable that you want to control your weight and troubled by your dietary intake, there are other solutions. You can control your portions, to an upper limit, and you can limit some of your food choices. Like ... limit your sugar intake - to, like, -0-, if possible. Cutting back on complex carbs is also well considered. Your choices might be limited so you need to make the most of them.
        Weight loss mostly happens "in the kitchen". The exercise helps you shape the weight you have more than to control it.
        Best of luck in your efforts ... remember the journey is to enjoyed, the 'goal' is a mere illusion. .


          Whilst you've some level of fitness, I'd suggest that you do Foundation for 30 days and go for Level 3 if you find it too easy. One way to work it out is do the minimum of three sets then try for five and seven. If you finish before seven sets then you know your limit. If you are done and not struggling, add on Epic 5 or the like.

          If your food options are limited then you need to be tracking what is going in so you don't over eat. My Fitness Pal, you only need the free one, should help you set up your calorie value for the day and track where that is being eaten. Make sure you drink plenty of water, so if your hall has lots of sugary drinks that is an easy thing to bypass.

          Keep a log in the Hive and remember to take photos of yourself as you go along so you can see changes.