[Help] Choosing the right exercise for people with thoracolumba dextroscoliosis

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    [Help] Choosing the right exercise for people with thoracolumba dextroscoliosis

    Hello, Everyone!
    Age: 20
    Height: 5'5"
    Weight: 50kg or 110 lbs
    Diagnosed: [Mild?] Thoracolumbar Dextro-scoliosis with approximately less 20 degrees (1st ever check up was last week). I sometimes get backaches on my upper back (especially when temperature is cold as i've noticed.) and lastly, my right side of my body feels stronger than my left (subjectively speaking)

    I've been exercising (specifically the ironborn program a couple of months ago), weights from 5 to 7kg with 1 week rest per program. Mainly I've been weightlifting (dumbbells) for around 3 yrs now.

    I need help on choosing which exercises and/or program that would best work with my condition T_T... As much as possible I want to be active rather than just mope around...
    I also have dumbbells with weights ranging from 1 to 7 kgs

    Really need some advises/ recommendations/ suggestions/ from "The Hive"
    Thank you!!!

    JermZ ... while I can't help with your 'condition', I can welcome you to The Hive, the social side of DareBee.
    I just did a quick study (Google search) and found that you are at the 'wait & watch' stage. Doesn't mean you can't 'work on it'.
    I was doing Day 10 of the Foundation Program when I happened to notice something ... strange ... in my Tricep Dips form.
    One shoulder was much higher than the other! (Facing a window at the time.)
    So, I worked to fix that. A left-over from my Frozen Shoulder, a few years back.
    Perhaps if you worked on your form?


      Scoliosis is something I don't know much about, so I am not able to give you advice that my own brain thought of.

      Google spit out these three links.

      But there is one thing I know and that is your weight. You are just barely at a BMI of 18.6, with 18.5 being the lowest you should be. For a woman this would actually be a very good weight, but as a man it would be healthier for you to be around BMI 20 or 22 (54 and 59 kg respectively).
      And of course it would be best if you filled up those missing kilos with muscle instead of fat.
      You're already doing Ironborn, you already have dumbbells, so if you continue the weight training all you're missing is the right nutrition.
      Your daily protein intake should be no lower than 59 g per day and ideally it would be around 95 g of protein per day. (You can go higher if you want, just don't go above 200 g, that might annoy your kidneys and you want those happy.)

      Do you have scales to weigh yourself on? As a man you can build 1 kg of muscle per month, if I were you I'd probably aim for a weight gain of about 2 kg a month and then stop at 54 kg or 59 kg (depending on what you want to look like, going higher would also be okay if you manage the muscle for that, a man should be below 15% body fat for health).


        I'd ask your physician about this, and/or establish care with a physical therapist. They're trained in this sort of thing - we're not.

        Generally speaking, most people with scoliosis can continue to work out pretty normally. A friend in graduate school had scoliosis, and he said lifting weights made him feel better and held his symptoms at bay. Anecdotal, but there you go.