Can I do (simple) Martial Arts at home? Any tips?

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    Can I do (simple) Martial Arts at home? Any tips?

    Alright. So, I'm not really someone who likes exercising in the way of just doing squats, push ups, and jumping jacks for half an hour each day, which often leads me to not really getting enough actual intense exercise. I don't know if it helps to say I'm a teen? Anyway, I've always been interested in self defense, all styles of martial arts (Japanese, boxing, .... I don't care) and I'd really like to get into that.

    "Oh yeah you could easily join a local club and get started!" I know, but the thing is I'm not social in the slightest (that's all I'm saying).
    I do however, have a boxing bag at home and use this one every 2 days.

    Do you guys have any idea if I can start basic martial arts training? If so, how can I start, Are there any workouts on Darebee that can help?

    I'd love to join a Karate club, but I just can't bring myself to go, so any solutions will be appreciated!

    I'm currently training at level 1 and exercise at difficulty 1-3, if that helps.

    True martial arts can't be learned without a teacher.
    But there are components to martial arts that go a long way already.

    There is flexibility, especially if you want to hit someone in the face with a front kick. Flexibility week is probably a good collection, as well as any splits training.
    There is strength and endurance, advanced martial arts classes will have you doing 200 push ups as a warm up, so better get started on those push ups (they'll give you a nice-looking upper body as well). Kicks are also something that will have your legs burning after the first few workouts.
    There are the movements, the basics of which can be practised at home. Katas exist for a reason.

    Doing work in that direction will not make you good at martial arts. But if you ever join a club those will ensure you progress quickly on accord of not being slowed down by fitness or flexibility deficits.
    Plus the things above will make you fit.

    Now which workouts or programs specifically... maybe Combat HIIT? I don't really know. Other people are experts in this.


      Thank you for your answer! I know that there is a teacher needed to learn the true art of the sport (that's part of what got me interested), but I'm working on my social issues, so by the end of the year I could maybe give it a shot. Thank you for giving the suggestions. Push-ups are my weakest point, though I have pretty strong arms, my legs are pretty much jello.

      I've seen you on this site a lot, so I thank you for taking the time to write all that. I will start looking into your suggestions!


        You can learn the basics like kicking and punching with training the movements, especially if you tire yourself out your body will start to learn to do those things efficiently to safe energy. There are a few things to avoid while training, to save your ligaments and joints, but you can read up here on Darebee about those (basically don't lock your joints out or use them to stop your movement) so if you want you can look up the combat oriented workouts here in the database and do those. Combat HIIT would be a great start I think, it is rather easy and so easily scalable. Fighter Codex is harder and you could do it after mastering Combat HIIT.

        Those programs and workouts won't make you a fighter, but they will hopefully give you a feeling for your body. Defending yourself can be, depending on the style you decide to learn in the end, be something different or very similar to attacking. Also there are a lot of little differences between styles in the way punches and kicks are to be done correctly, so having a feeling how your body can move and being flexible and able to adapt are important.


          Eira Blair ... There are three styles of "learning Martial Arts". GURPS (a role-playing game) lists "Art" and "Battle", one being mainly stylistic and the other being combat-oriented.
          And then there's the basic 'punching', like are included in many Workouts, here.
          You can learn 'punching' and 'kicking' from DareBee, at home, alone.
          Not really 'Martial Arts' training, but available in a solo situation. Also useful if you have some MA schooling behind you.
          Has anyone remembered to welcome you to The Hive, the social side of DareBee?


            Thanks to everyone for replying! I'm looking into your recommendations and trying to formulate a schedule and plan so I can start with some basic combat (kicks, punches, ...) I really appreciate the help!
            Thank you for welcoming me to The Hive DaithiMeyer !


              For schedule and plan, can I recommend looking at the Fighter Training Plan as a possible starting point? It gives you two combat workouts per week, plus strength and HIIT. That gives you a chance to work on skills without necessarily making martial arts your full focus.


                Noen is absolutely correct in that you can't learn form or technique or any skills by watching martial arts YouTube videos and mimicking those movements. You need a teacher to correct form, to show you how to do things, and to walk you through what happens next.

                Something like a heavy bag can potentially hurt your knuckles, your wrists, and your hands if you hit it wrong. It's heavy resistance training for some of the most delicate, weak structures in your body (your hands and wrists). Are your palms turned inward toward your body when you throw hooks? What's your footwork look like? What kind of workouts are you doing with the bag? Those are all good questions for an instructor or someone trained in the proper form for boxing.

                The same goes for other martial arts. You can do katas and forms for kung fu and karate but without the feedback, you're not helping yourself very much.

                Saying that, you are up off the couch moving your body around and that's better than sitting on the couch watching TV and eating food all day long. So you are getting something out of it. I have no suggestions outside trying to move your body similar to what you see online. After that, you need other people.