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  • The Dynamic Pyramid

    The graphic is a little confusing, when you get to the top are you supposed to reverse it? i.e. up the left side and down the right side?? And that completes the set?
    Thanks, love the site, everything about it, great motivation to do "something".

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    this would be a good thing to have a video of people doing to see. from the way it looks you with the red line it goes up then down. Of course im confused with the ladder work out (great for improving foot work and speed) cuz it looks like you should use a ladder or something like a ladder to work the different exercises but it doesn't say if you need one or not.


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      You do 10 plank-jump ins, then 20 squats, then 30 climbers, then 40 high knees, then 50 jumping jacks, then 40 high knees, then 30 climbers, then 20 squats, then 10 plank jump-ins, then a break and you have done one set.
      As it's a pyramid it doesn't matter if you reverse it and go down left or right, the exercises stay the same