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  • Pain in foot/running injury

    Hello, everyone!
    I'm new to running (started ~ 1 month ago). Everything was going pretty well but 4 days ago ( during a light recovery run) I started feeling pain in my right foot and as I was running it was increasing so I had to stop. It left in ~ 2min but as I continued my run it came back. I decided to take a break and didn't run 2 following days. Yesterday I ran 3k and it was just fine, but today after I ran 5k the pain reappeared. Moreover, I could feel it a few hours after the run (First it was uncomfortable to walk then it decreased ) Have anyone faced this problem? Any advice? Thank you in advance, fellow Bees

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    Mine was on the outside of my foot, but I would guess it's some sort of tendinitis? Is it a dull pain?


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      are you running in your regular everyday shoes or are you running in shoes specific for running i.e. you don't use them for anything but your runs. If you use the same shoes you walk around in you will develop foot and shin problems a good study made to run sneaker (I like NB) will help especially if it has a good arch support.


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        More than likely it is your plantar fascia (basically everything that runs along the bottom of your foot). Rolling a tennis ball under your foot will help with the pain/symptoms. The likely cause is either bad shoes or striking you heel against the ground as you run.

        The first question I would have is if you are a heel striker or not? If you are you are probably over striding and slamming your heel in the ground, make sure you stride is under your center of gravity. If you are a toe/mid striker then you are definitely over striding and dropping your heel after impact. Being on the inside or outside really just shows you which part of your foot you are leading with, mine show up on the outside of my foot because I'm slightly bowlegged and tend to lead with my pinky toe versus my big toe.

        If it is your shoes then it could be one of tons of problems caused by bad shoes but I'm still going to go with it is affecting your plantar fascia.

        Roll the bottom of your foot, stretch your calves, and massage around your heel. Many issues with the plantar fascia actually stem from aggravating the tendons as the wrap around the heel and exhibit themselves across the arch of the foot.