training idea for 3 day bicycle tour

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    training idea for 3 day bicycle tour

    Hi all, I've attended a bicycle event at 21 july. That we ride about 350 km in 3 days(130-110-80) since i've didn't done anything like this so far i want to prepare myself to this event. For now i could ride 90 km without a problem but when 100+ km makes my legs ache for this moment. Since it's not a race avg speed probably will be aroud 20-25 km/h and there are too few uphills.

    For now everyday i'm running random workouts that involve legs and core. Maybe i could go to work by bicycle too (15 + 15 km). I've had a break on riding bike for a year btw, and 2 weeks ago i made an 110 km trip.

    Also since i'm working i have only 4 hours weekdays(arriving home at 18:30). What do you suggest to build my legs up ? Ride everyday or bodyweight training or anything else ? I think i could build up my legs in this 2 moths..

    ps. 180 cm, 75kg, male with high fat on stomach

    Good day

    On days when you have little time the bodyweight workouts would be good, or a HIIT bicycle ride (short intense bursts followed by a bit of restful cycling, there's probably stuff about this on the internet).
    However whenever you have the time I would go for long cycling tours.