Finishing Hero's Journey for the second time...what program next?

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    Finishing Hero's Journey for the second time...what program next?

    After finally getting back on the exercise "horse" via Darebee -- first with Foundation and a first go 'round through Hero's Journey, I'm 2/3rds of the way through Hero's Journey for the 2nd time and am wondering what to do next. I have 30 - 45 mins in the AM and LOVE that Hero's Journey has strength (I am so much stronger than I was!) and cardio and core. What should I choose next to get them all? I don't want to rely on my motivation to pick a workout each time (it's 4:45 AM! My motivation is solid but not rock solid!). Can I intersperse a strength program with a cardio one? TIA, Sara

    It sounds like you're looking for something of a general fitness type program. There are a few options:

    * Age of Pandora might be the most intuitive follow-up. It also has an RPG style approach. It's a little more combat-moves oriented, but still has a good mix of strength and cardio.

    * You also might want to check out Athena's Playbook or Fighter's Codex.

    * You can also follow the workout of the day on the front page. It has a good mix of different types of workouts, and will be good for a sort of all around general fitness. This is also a good idea if you're between programs and don't really know what to do next.

    * You can use the single workouts and follow one of the training plans offered here. I'd recommend the Amazon plan and do abdominal work, stretching, or other casual training on the rest days.