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    I recently (two days ago) started doing exercise using Darebee workouts. I literally just turned 14 and currently weigh about 50kg at have a fitness level of about 3 (current body fat: 12%). I have started doing the daily dare, daily workout and the monthly challenge as well as the Formation program. This is not very intense as I am trying to get used to it and because I already do a large amount of running (I am on the track team). So, my question was, how much do the meal plans help (I currently do not eat healthily at all)? My main goal is to gain muscle (upper-body). A meal plan would be somewhat annoying as I would have to bring food to school (lunch) and would have to eat different things from the rest of my family (breakfast dinner).

    Thank you for advise as to what I should do.

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    If you want to gain muscle, you will need to eat at least somewhat healthily (with enough proteins). Maybe don't follow strictly a meal plan if it is too annoying, but isn't there any way you could improve your diet?


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      The problem is I don't make my own dinner so, apart from making it myself there isn't really. If i where to start is there any meal plan you recommend? I was thinking of the "mass effect" plan but it has for meals and apart from eating the second for lunch and the third when I get home (2-6) I'm not sure how to fit that in. I assume the protein bar is a no go as it contains whey?


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        rbt0583, hi! Welcome to the Hive!
        You see, you're young, so your metabolism and the way your body builds muscle is different from the "average" that most of mealplans and programs are oriented on. So, please, do not expect too much. It's great that you're already so active. In a few years your body will change dramatically - as you will grow - so just don't quit fitness, and you'll be okay.
        You're doing running, which is great by itself, but it's very energy demanding so you may not gain a lot of muscle while you run. Huge muscle mass that Batmans and Supermans carry are actually excess weight that runners (especially long distance runners) do not need. So, should you quit running? Of course not! Even though you might not get the fancy Batman look you'll still look toned and strong with defined muscles.
        Diet is important. I know how difficult it is to follow a specific diet when you don't cook yourself - I still live with my parents and have a very limited access to the kitchen - but still you can make certain changes that will do a lot of good for you. To build muscles you need protein - it's easy to increase its intake with an additional egg, piece of meat/fish, a pack of cottage cheese - the last one you don't even need to cook. Protein bars are fine, but they sometimes contain ingredients that I cannot pronounce - and I grew suspicion towards this kind of stuff. You can also improve your diet by substituting empty carbs and trans fats in snacks (sweets, chocolate bars, cookies and donuts) with healthier choices - fruits, nuts, whole grains. BTW cookies and sweets can be healthy too, we have some recipes here on the main website and in the Kitchen section of the Hive.
        So, without calculating any calories, you can just increase your protein intake and reduce extra carbs, and that can do a lot of good for you, especially with some additional strength training


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          Thank you for the help, i guess i'll start doing what you suggested.