Many training activities and how to combine them (also palletar tendinosis)

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  • Many training activities and how to combine them (also palletar tendinosis)


    So, as some kind of very belated birthday gift I got a gym card. My first question is. If I'm doing cardio trim run. Can I exchange the running with spin classes? One of my biggest issues training is having palletar tendinosis (similar to palletar tendinitis but no inflammation basically), so spinning is preferable for my knee (I think?). Would a 40 min spin class count as a 40 min run? And what about those more intervallish runs?

    And if I do several training activities, what is a good way to combine them with darebee? I do dancing and martial arts, and now the gym card... I don't want it to go to waste... but I also don't want to stop doing Darebee stuff? So, is there any rules of thumb on how to go about it?

    The only rule of thumb is not to overtrain. Which is very likely to happen if you're going to combine your dancing with DareBee and the gym, and you're going to do all of them full-time.

    You could stick to 1-1-1 schedule. 1 day of dancing, 1 day of a DareBee workout, 1 day of the gym.
    Or you could dance in the morning, do a daily dare in the afternoon and hit the gym in the evening.
    Another you could try is to couple dancing with the gym, while doing a DareBee Daily Dare every single day.

    You choose - just try not to overtrain.


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      Thanks for the suggestion! I'm quite... restless? I feel like I could "easily" do two workouts a day. But I can see that going bad (re: knee problems). But, yeah is x amount of spinning somehow equivalent to any x amount of running?


        It depends on what you want out of CTR. It's really a running program, and is designed to improve your running. Personally, I am not sure why you would do CTR if you didn't want to work on running. Instead, you could try a strength training program like gravity and spin as well. Or you could replace the running with spinning in 30 Days of Change, or Hero's Journey if you choose the bow. Obviously, you can do what you want, but CTR is very running specific, so I probably would choose a different program if you don't want to run. (I'm doing CTR right now, by the way.)

        But of course, you can do whatever you'd like in terms of editing programs. It's just my suggestion!


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          I do want to improve my running, but having knee problems, sometimes it is nice to give them a rest but still get a somewhat equivalent excercise. To clarify, I'm only looking to exchange on the days it's not smart for me to run or jump around​. I guess I could skip CTR entirely on such a day if its better for the progression but that feels ineffective. I just wanted a "yes x running is x spinning" or "no id say x running is 2x spinning" or "this other excercise is a better alternative" answer really.