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    Runner Milestones

    Hi all,

    so I just started running again. Due to the fact that I give up easily unless I accomplished something I want to set myself certain goals/milestones to keep running.
    Here are some ideas but would love to know what other runners think. Some of these goals are extremely long term but also would like suggestions for more interim.

    Finish 5KM
    Finish 10KM
    Finish 21KM
    Finish 42KM

    Run 5KM in under 30 mins / 25 mins
    Run 10KM in uder 70mins / 50 mins

    Finish Wilcoast run -

    Complete X terra Lite and Full -

    Your milestones outline a "road to Marathon", and this is very common among runners (some may stop at half marathon). Running a Marathon is the most popular goal in running, for obvious reasons, but before you write your long term goal into stone consider this: why not choose a smaller goal first, and try to find out what your preferred running discipline is? Maybe you discover that you are a really good sprinter, then you should choose a different long term goal.

    I know really good runners who like 100/200/400 meter sprint races, they train for years and rarely run more than 10k at once. And I know runners who really like the fast 3k or 5k (or even 10k) races, and only few of them has ever run a half marathon, although they train for years. And on the other side I know runners who have never compete in a Marathon because they say it is to fast, they have discovered they like the really slow runs and they run 50, 80, 100 or more Kilometre.

    Do you already know what type of runner you are? If not, give yourself some time to find out. Once you make running a habit, once you change from "I want run" to "I am a runner", your goals will change according to your preferences. so don't be to narrowed in your goals.

    And you can always run a marathon later.


      Hi .robert. Thanks for the insight, makes sense.

      I know someone that is a brilliant 5 KM runner and her trainer does not allow her to go more than 8KM during training.

      I started running due to a 18KM obstacle race that I already have completed, albeit at a much slower pace than I wanted.

      Looking at myself I would be one of the more slower endurance runners (adventure running) and more orientated towards trail running.

      I got a plan for now that will keep me busy for the next 26 weeks and will get me to half marathon distance.