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    Levels vs Difficulty


    I am wondering how the difficulty and the level are related. I am starting to do workouts in the normal-difficulty range at Level 3 since I noticed that I have enough reserves after finishing Level 2 and even can do them sometimes with EC.
    But two weeks ago I did once Headhunter (diff 5), made it through Level 1 but had to give up in my 4th set because it was just too much. Thus I'd like to know what I can expect to be able to do when I select a workout.

    P.s.: where can I submit feature requests? I'd like to be able to filter out workouts that involve jumping or "running" (like high knees) for the sake of the people living under my apartment.

    Hi nielsk ,

    the difficulty is rated based on the exercises. The more advanced the exercises or complicated the moves and combos, the higher the workout is rated in difficulty. Levels are used to offer different gradings within this difficulty. So, levels and difficulty are not really related.

    Level 1 of a workout with Difficulty 5 may still be harder than Level 3 of a Diff 3 workout.

    Regarding your request: we do have a collection of hand picked workouts specifically for that purpose here [Silent Workouts]. If you have any other requests or ideas feel free to post them in our Feedback & Suggestions section.

    I hope this does answer your questions sufficiently


      The way I see it, the Level (I - normal, II - hard, III - "freaking murder") defines the intensity, while the Difficulty (1 - Light, 2 - Easy, 3 - Normal, 4 - Hard, 5 - Advanced) defines how prepared do you (and your body) have to be in order to be able to do the workout effectively, the way it's meant to be done. Taking the Headhunter workout as an example, it's a Difficulty 5 (Advanced) workout, so if you're doing it you should be quite accustomed to (read - proficient with) punches and kicks. The fact you were able to do it on the Level I means you succeeded in completing it on a normal level of intensity. The fact you didn't manage to advance beyond the 4th set suggests your body was not ready to work on a harder level of intensity, at least when it comes to this workout (and the exercises it's made of). But if you tried again, you might manage to progress further - your body might have understood better what it's all about and is now prepared to face it better than it was then.

      What can you expect to be able to do when you select a workout? Take a look at the exercises. Do you know how to do each one of them? If not, take a look at the Video Exercise Library to see how they're done - and try doing a few reps. Now go back to the workout. Ask yourself if you think you'll be able to do all the exercises the way they're meant to be done for long enough to complete the workout at Level I at the very least. If you're confident - go for it. If not, consider looking for something lighter.

      P. S. - I believe you can submit them in the Feedback & Suggestions section:

      Before asking for the Jumping/Running filter though, consider some of the Exercise Modifications.


        Thanks a lot TheRaven and Heisenberg.
        And I am sure I will get through Headhunter in the near future. But all kicks high and so many of them (300 per set) is a lot…I cannot remember a single one my karate-training sessions were I did something close to the number of kicks in one set and especially not that many to the head. I can do it and maybe in the next competition which is probably in december I can rely more on kicks (which bring in more points)


          So I wanted to know how to know what my current level in the type of excercises im doing?


            You could start with the fitness test :

            Also the links on the main page offer guidance for starting out, picking a program, etc. Reading through the advice there should also be helpful.


              Hi, I sometimes experienced a workout which was rated "easy" compared to a "hard" workout as really brutal. For example "Maximus" or "Watch me" with lots of squats and lunges makes me begging for relief while "I am Wrath" is a cool go to workout for me. I guess this is a signpost where someones weaker parts are. What I can suggest ist to mix workouts: If a workout is cruel an I am only able to do 3 sets I add another ("lighter") workout to extend and diversify the trainingsession. In any way enjoy your training and have fun! :-)