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30 Days of Swordsmanship

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    ​Elektra PatheticBarrel yeah, I keep forgetting how strong I am. Thats what I get for being Hercules hahah


      Artorias Exactamente a ese me referia, Aunque la idea de Elektra tambien era buena, no se me habia ocurrido (no tengo ganas de traducir)


        What about weapon master workout program??

        We learn how to use various weapons and use them in fitness.

        From Nunchaku to long sword, to long stick, and to Tonpa. Hahaha

        I would post Numchaku swings of me lol

        Anyway, to be swordman we need to do more lunges and jump exercises.

        Strong leg is essential of sword arts.


          That would be great ! But it would also be a little off from (almost) no materiel workout to include to much different weapons. Bokken have already been included, maybe just add sticks (which are inexpensive if not "home-made) ?


            Again, Tanto work would be a natural addition to Bokken training.


              A bokken's a two handed weapon anyway, strong wielder or not. Katanas are not balanced for just one hand, so bokkens usually aren't either. The only time a katana is really being held in one hand is for certain blocks. And I guess if you're Hercules and things like balance are just irrelevant in the face of strength.

              For a workout training with two blades without actually buying weapons, aluminum rulers are great! You can get one arm length and one forearm+hand length and practice normal, inverted, and mixed grip katas with those. Not much for strength, but you can get some cardio going with those, especially if a workout were to chain a bunch of moves together. Definitely on the other side of the spectrum from a bokken, weight and speed-wise. But I'm not sure if speedy weapons are really plausible for infographic workouts since they're all about the fancy footwork. Just some thoughts.