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    Darebee API

    Is there a Darebee API? I have been working, off and on, on a webapp so I can see the daily dare on my phone without navigating in a browser. Since the URL changes daily, we can't just save the URL to our desktop.
    But since you don't have chrome browsers CORB safety junk turned off, I can't pull the image myself. Also, since the file type and naming convention of it change seemingly arbitrarily, any attempt I make to derive the daily dare image only works for a short time.
    So could you, would you, please make a Darebee API. It wouldn't be too difficult to make it pull daily dares by date requested or even access various other things on the site (like workouts or programs or meal plans) by name.
    This would not only help simpletons like me, but also any future app development you may do.

    If this is something the darebee team wanted to do while minimizing development work, I have heard good things about hoppscotch, an open-source API development framework. It has an MIT license, so you're good to go.