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    A sincere suggestion

    I have discovered Darebee a long time ago, when I needed a guide to fitness desperately..! And since then I am an "entrepreneur" suggesting it to all my friends who want or need a life change
    All that considered, I have to point out that the new way the Daily Dares are presented, is inconvenient and unhelpful... Besides not showing muscles worked and giving specific information, it lacks way of execution... If you are new to it, you can only guess and we all know this is the surest path to creating bad habits...
    I hope this is considered a friendly feedback, and you can find a way to change it, if you find it helpful...
    Thanks a lot, for a lot!!!

    Hi GiorgosD,

    Disclaimer: I am not part of the darebee development team.

    I think you would be better off posting a new thread in the dedicated suggestions/feedback forum

    My guess is that it would get more traction there.

    Apart from that, I think some kind of muscle map (or a short list of which ones are used) would be helpful too.


      TheAntlerKing you're absolutely right! I have forgotten... Thanks a lot


        It's been moved don't worry about it.