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Tips for The Gauntlet!

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    Tips for The Gauntlet!

    Hello Hive,

    I've gone through the Gauntlet a couple times now and I thought I would share some tips from my experience to help other out.

    Weights - If you are starting out and debating what weight to get, definitely go with a lighter one.

    I started off with an 18lb/6kg kettlebell since I was just starting to workout again and had never done kettlebells so I wanted to take my time and get the proper form down. I also had a 36lb/18kg kettlebell and after a couple weeks I started using that for two handed workouts like goblet squats and bent over rows.

    Some of the compound workouts I had a hard time figuring out, and apparently so did the internet since I couldn't find any help online. Doing a squat into a bent over row felt real awkward. Still does. So for these workouts I took my time and often went through the motions without weights till I felt I had the form down.

    My second run through I was able to do with the 35lb kettlebell, but halfway through bought a 25lb/12kg to allow me to have some more control when performing the exercises. Since the benefit of kettlebells is their ability to workout several muscle groups at once as well as stabilizer muscles, I wanted to focus on form again and not try to muscle my way through it.

    Level of Difficulty - I'm sure I'm not alone when I say some of the sets felt too easy. (Looking at you bent over row).

    I've had to modify some work outs to get a more even results. Aside from changing the weight there's a couple things I would suggest.

    First is isometric holds and slow negatives. When I lowered the weight down to 25lb I took my time with each rep. When doing bicep curls I would hold the weight for a few second with my biceps contracted, then slowly lower down. This gave me the same level burn I got with the higher weight.

    Second, change up some exercises. Swap out the two handed bent over row for one handed rows. This really made it feel more balanced, especially one day 17 where every other workout is a one handed one. I still did the same number of reps just for each arm. Next is the tricep dips. It was an interesting way to do them, but just felt awkward for me and my bell wanted to move too much. Also this is a kettlebell workout why not use it. I opted to do some one arm kickbacks with the 18lb. I also added in standing two handed extensions with the 25lb and took my time with these.

    Finally, I also kept a HIIT workout program up for the days I had extra energy or felt I didn't get enough of a workout.

    Day 30 - Still not able to do this with my 36lb weight. This is a tough one and I would suggest not pushing yourself. There are 5 sets and if the first set feels difficult you probably won't make it to set 5!

    Anyways that's my two cents. I've enjoyed this workout and I haven't found another 30 day kettlebell program that can replace it, but there are some common kettlebell workouts that are missing that I would like to incorporate like halos, slingshots, bob and weave, and farmer carries to name a few. I'll see what I can do on my third run through it.

    Nice writeup