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Random workout from specified filter (feature request)

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    Random workout from specified filter (feature request)

    Hi everybody!

    First of all thanks to the darebee team for doing this, this really helped me getting/staying in shape during corona lockdown and form a habit which I think will practically last forever .

    Speaking of which, I now want to use a training plan to improve further and I think it would be handy to have a specific feature for that.

    Say you wanted, for example, a workout that is without equipment, has a difficulty level of 3, is focused on entire body, etc. right now you can filter and then you get a number of workouts to choose from. There is also a random button but when you click on it you get a random workout from the _entire_ database. Wouldn't it be nice to have a random workout from the ones that you already filtered (to prevent having to choose a workout and to encourage trying new things)? That is, an extra button called "random (filtered)" that samples randomly from a subset?

    That way, if you have a schedule that says to focus on something on Monday, you can just go to the workout database, select filters, and click on the "random (filtered)" button to get a workout.

    I am not sure how difficult this is to implement though .

    Kind regards,

    I'd like to second that, that sounds like a really handy feature 🙌