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Combine Bodyweight workout and running

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    Combine Bodyweight workout and running

    Hey Guys!

    I just stumbled across this side a couple of days ago and I love it. Thank you for all the great workouts and programms.

    Currently I am doing 30 days of change. Its good and I was hoping to do my own program after that. Though, I am not sure how to proceed and how to plan.

    I am already quite fit though, I would like to lose some ,5-10 kg. I like about 30 days of change that is combines running with workouts.

    I don't really like running. Never get over 30-40 Minutes or more than 5km. I really enjoy HIIT running on a running machine but I don't have access to one at the moment. I love HIIT workouts. Though, I need a video to do this, I do some YouTube Videos as I can never get my heart rate up by myself. And I really like workouts either with dumbells, restistance bands or just body weight.

    I would like to keep jogging in my routine as going outside during my lunch break for a run is so good for my mind. So I would love to keep 3 runs of 30 Minutes in my routine. But I would also like to include some other workouts. I am just not sure how best to combine them and how to get enough rest.

    I know that I need to tackle my diet to really lose weight. I am though struggeling with counting calories but I have to try harder.

    Thanks for your inspiration!


    Oh, and maybe I should add, I am already one size smaller on the top than on the bottom. ,🤫🤭🙈


      30 Days of Cardio leads nicely into Cardio Trim Run, which is one of of my favourite programs.

      You might want to look at the training plans. There is less structure there but also allows to focus on things that you want, be that running HITT or other bodyweight exercises.


        Thanks. i just had a look.

        Could I, for instance, do the Ninja Trainingsplan and instead of having Rest days go for a run on 3 days?


        I also had a look at Cardio Trim Run. I am not sure if I really would like to do that much Cardio 🤣


          I think that it is stated that a light run is always ok for a rest day in the training plans



            I also combine running with bodyweight (or other) workouts. For time (and motivational) reasons I train 3 times a week, where I first go for a 30 minutes run and afterwards I do the workout (at the moment it is Age of Pandora). This works nicely for me and leaves me enough time for the other things I want to do in my spare time and also gives me the rest I need between the trainings.


              There is this challenge you might consider. You could increase the running time, of course.


                Thank you for your input. Due to very cold weather and snow. I postponed the 30 days change for the moment and chose three HIIT Workouts on Youtube for the moment until it is slightly warmer.