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Number of set discrepancy in Combat HIIT Day 29

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    Number of set discrepancy in Combat HIIT Day 29

    Not really a big deal but the infographic for Combat HIIT Day 29

    shows level 3 maxing out at 5 sets.

    But the video, which has an infographic that also shows 5 sets at level 3, actually goes on for 15 sets.

    I'm guessing that 5 sets is correct and that the video was looped the extra times as an oversight (I don't think my arms could take 15 sets!!!) but I just wanted to mention it so it is on the housekeeping radar to amend so it is consistent with whatever the correct number is.

    Regardless, great program!!

    davidbrooklyn thank you, we filmed it all before we finalized the program so the 5 sets is the required limit. When we get studio time again we shall reshoot some of these to update. Stay safe.