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  • kandy
    For 2, I either just use pen and paper or some sort of notepad app on the phone to record it.

    For 1, no you are not the only one. I usually count it out verbally because if I stop and write things down every time I will lose the transitioning flow that happens in a lot of those workouts.

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  • Niki
    started a topic Lost in counting

    Lost in counting

    Maybe I am the only one maybe not, but I usually lost in counting when

    1. there are workouts like the ones in reboot program (I count like 5 mini set = 1 normal set, so maybe my way of thinking is the most confusing, but I couldn't find a better way )

    2. there are challenges/programs which includes high reps throughout a day

    I don't know if a counter (like the ones in the program totals) would help or rather just confuse people, but can we have a counter for these kind of programs, challenges, workouts? Or just 1-2 general counting sheet with different units?

    Of course if you think that it would confuse more people I solve my counting problems

    Thank you!