Hey, I just want to thank you for your Square One program. It is absolutely perfect for my retired parents! I am not sure if I will actually be able to get them to do it, but I sent it to them. It is a really great routine for people who might have some physical barriers to exercise and feel like it isn't worth trying.

The Darebee team does amazing work. Your articles are excellent, your workouts offer great variety, and making fitness accessible to everyone is a noble feat. Thanks for all you do!!

All of that said, I know you are non-profit and commerce-free, but if you made a proper deck of cards with your exercises I would absolutely love to own it. The printables are great, but it would be wonderful to have a really, heavy weight and stain-resistant, set of cards to shuffle a workout from every day. You could make it a donation item with a minimum price or pay what you want feature. I would get a deck for me and all my favourite people.

Thanks again for keeping my fitness journey exciting!