Daily Dare May 23,2020 - how long??

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    Daily Dare May 23,2020 - how long??

    It's not clear how long should be the biceps flex held


    2 minutes non stop to hold for EC ??

    Or 60 seconds hold for EC ??

    neilarey ...? ...

    , Damer , please...

    Miss_Dada Each bicep for 60secs, 2 biceps totaling 2 mins? EC will be holding both biceps non-stop for 60secs?


      Toka yeeeee and how about double biceps ( joking) ...at first I thought it's a typo = BICEP !!
      Without,,s,,..... hmm ... I haven't been in a fitness competition (yet) but I think that after today daily dare I dare to shred my arms so that I could go Lol...(?) 😎🤔


        Miss_Dada Just trying to take a stab at it; might not be even close. Double biceps sounds much better. Thanks for the reference. I double dare!


          Toka I've been thinking about it and it upsets me I could not find the solution . Bees in the daily dare chat are not sure as well...

          However, I think I get it now !!! After spending many( unwanted ) hours thinking about it 👊😬👊

          It is really 60 seconds one arm and 60 seconds the other arm. Together 2 minutes.

          That is the final logical way for me.....
          ( and I am more tired from thinking about it then if I would hold both BICEPS (!!) for that all time instead !!!

          On the picture, the dude he flexed one arm ....

          Lol ....I am crazy.....in a good way....
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            Miss_Dada As you already know I did a thorough analysis of the problem and I only found the missing letter "s" to infer. The dude's left arm does look slightly more flexed than the other size. Good observation. He's not going for the EC. My take is when in doubt do double. I did double biceps flex hold for 2mins.


              Wow, I didn't even think about the different ways to interpret this! I held both biceps flexed for 2 minutes in order to get my EC. It was hard!! Maybe ignorance is bliss...
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                It easier to bounce for 2 minutes+ than to obsess about bicep flexing.

                May 26: DwExC