[ DB - 4 December 2018 ] Goals

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    [ DB - 4 December 2018 ] Goals


    The question always arises: are we defined by our actions or our goals? It is tricky to answer because we think that our goals guide our actions. That is not always the case. Goals are aims and intentions. Until they are translated into actionable plans they remain aims and intentions. Actions have value because they take time and effort. Of the two it is actions that actually lead us to wherever we end up so we can, from there, move on to someplace else in our lives.

    The inner turmoil most of us experience comes from that misalignment of goals and actions. We either fail to act on things we value and therefore fail to realize our goals or say we value things we are never going to act upon and end up wasting precious energy pretending to be something we are not.

    Work to align your goals with your actions. It will make a profound difference in your life.