Refreshing Eightg Day

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    Refreshing Eightg Day

    22.05.2020 - Day 8

    So, today I did:

    - Daly Dares - 2 minute Extended Swings, with EC

    My legs are still destryed for the montain, so just DD.

    Did I miss the seventh day of your journey?

    I'd recommend making a check-in thread for yourself in the Checking In board where you can gather all your progress. It makes it easier for the rest of us to follow and motivate you and celebrate all your successes (and future badges) with you. Many Bees have a log over there and it's often great fun visiting other threads and get visits yourself. It also makes it easier for yourself to track your progresses so far if everything's in one place.
    I invite you to hang out with us over there