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    Ultimate Gifs, Graphics & Gusto Quiz

    Hey everyone I hope your training is going well

    It’s that time of year again! The next Ultimate Gifs, Graphics & Gusto Quiz!

    This one involves the great comedy

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    This one is a nice easy quiz! All you need to do is list Films and TV Shows that 2 or more Friend characters (main and extras) have been in together

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    Every correct answer I, BLACKBUTLER, will put 10p towards Darebee. If you can find a Film or TV Episode with 3 or more characters, I will put a 50p bonus into the total!

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    So please do not panic, its free to participate you won’t be paying! So the more answers you get the more Darebee gets

    The final deadline is 20th December 2019 where I will announce the total along with my contributed answers

    The Rules of the Game

    - You must send a Word document or PDF of your list to design_1323@hotmail.com If any answers are put on this thread, those films/episodes will be voided for everyone.

    - The list is unlimited, but you can only answer once! As long as you send it before the deadline take your time and make your list count

    - The actors/actresses MUST have appeared in Friends. Go to Friends full cast list to see the names https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0108778/fullcredits?ref_=tt_cl_sm#cast you can only use IMDB to search this list!

    - Your answer does not have to have a main character in it, as long as there are two actor/actresses. Characters who are Uncredited, Produced and/or Directed are not allowed.

    - Please list your answer with the Film or TV Title and the 2 or more actors next to it (this is so I can confirm:
    EXAMPLE: Madagascar (David Schwimmer / Ben Stiller)
    - If using a TV Series, the characters must be in the same episode (please note the name of the episode on your list). If not in the same episode it will not count:
    EXAMPLE: Rick and Morty – Pickle Rick (Chris Parnell / Susan Sarandon)
    WRONG as Chris Parnell did not feature in this episode

    - If answering a bonus answer (3 or more) please add an * at the start of the answer.

    Have fun and please help support Darebee! If you have any question please don’t hesitate to ask

    Here is a little hint to get you started: There is more than 1 Madagascar sequels and prequels count too

    Click image for larger version  Name:	ezgif-6-760b2ab4f347.gif Views:	3 Size:	775.0 KB ID:	623567

    Like a scavenger hunt


      Originally posted by Hedwiga View Post
      Like a scavenger hunt
      Exactly but with films hehe! Hope you will participate


        Yeah I started right away. Just focusing on main characters and movies right now, I will take on the TV series and supporting/guest actors later on. (Seems a little more complicated or at least more work..)


          QUIZ UPDATE

          Hi guys I hope you are having fun looking up films For everyone who is playing:

          If you could post on this page to let me know you've sent your answers to my e-mail, that would be awesome!

          Have fun guys!


            7 WEEKS TO GO!

            Oooo I wonder how every one is doing?




                Originally posted by Cabriel View Post
                Received and tallying up! Thank you very much for participating buddy