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    I love that a lot of us actually have a lot in common


      When I was a kid I'd buy AIRFIX model kits . . .

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      . . . and toy soldiers/figures of all kinds.


        For me: Reading Skulduggery Pleasant and Manga, Watching Studio Ghibli Films, Watching Anime, Cosplay, Clay Pigeon Shooting and now Escape Rooms


          Reading and sketching are big hobbies of mine, as is playing with my doggo {look, I do it often enough for it to be considered a hobby OK?}, archery and sword fighting with the local SCA chapter, and occasionally video or tbt gaming.

          Building / painting models tho... I'd like to get back into that.


            besides sports, I have mainly creative hobbies: I love photography, I play the piano, I draw (soft pastels are my favorite).
            I also like watching movies and reading.

            So I should never be bored 😬


              I don't have a lot of time for hobbies at the moment due to uni (some days I even struggle to fit a workout in), but when I do get time I like cycling, hiking and archery. Other than that, photography, art (I was trying to teach myself oil painting with kind of mixed results), reading and listening to music. I was also learning guitar but I don't get to practice regularly enough to be any good at it.


                Writing and reading. Lately I've been reading non-fiction, mostly self-development books as compliments for some philosophy books that I've been guiding my life through, such as The Art of War and The Prince. Right now I'm currently working my way through Dale Carnegie's How to Win Friends and Influence People, and Tim Ferriss' The 4 Hour Work-Week. As for writing, well, my computer broke the past few weeks, so I haven't written anything since. I mostly do stories for contests, and so far I won one. I have plenty of WIPs, but I'm currently working with one definitive novel that I plan to publish as soon as possible.

                Playing piano and guitar. I've been studying music since I was 4, and I didn't pick up back both instruments until months ago, when I turned freelance and decided to give private classes instead of wasting many hours underpaid on a classroom (The 4 Hour Work-Week was the last straw that made me freelance), teaching a curriculum I don't agree with. I teach both piano and guitar, and right now I'm doing a volunteer gig at my university by giving piano lessons to the community, which will also give me hours to fill in the mandatory community service to get my degree.

                Taking photos and drawing. I'm also a caricaturist and a photographer. In fact, I do give photography lessons at my community center, and I also give private lessons of drawing.

                Belly dancing. This got me into fitness, and I stopped doing it after the first national days-long blackout because I only dance at night, and the power rationing at my location is at night. I got back to it, and what can I say? I didn't think I liked it that much. I'm trying to give it more an artistic approach instead of a fitness one.

                Cardistry. Ever since I was a kid I've been always into card tricks. I had a book that had some simple tricks, but never had the cards. I got them last year, and I'm learning something. It's pretty fun on those times where you have nothing to do, like commuting, it makes people curious too, and it works great for teaching.

                Clothing design, fashion and tailoring. Got into it this year, although there are a lot of seamstresses and tailors in my family, is just that they don't do that professionally. I was always into fashion though. In fact, wanting to design clothing was what got me into drawing in the first place, and I didn't know that until a course of tailoring was open. I plan to study fashion design overseas too. I plan to get some money out of this by fixing people's clothes.

                Learning stuff. I have a lot of things on my CV, and it is still not enough. Currently I'm doing a bartending course online, and I plan to carry it on with a barista one. Plus, I want to learn coding, electronics, videogame design, troubleshooting and fixing home appliances and other stuff that I get into it. Languages are included here. I taught myself english at a very young age, and I'm currently learning galician, gothic and portuguese.


                  I loooove reading, also watching anime and shows, hiking, sometimes writing, and playing D&D (and listening to a lot of D&D podcasts) I used to play the piano but I stopped a few years ago due to school and never really took it back