How long have you been a member of Darebee?

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    How long have you been a member of Darebee?

    As the title says, for how much have you been using the Darebee workouts? What was your reason, why you started exercising? Do you remember your life before this, did you change looking back at it? Have you improved? Did you reach your goals? Did Darebee help you build up your strength and muscle? For those who are veterans, how much have you changed, physically and mentally? I'm asking because i would like to know how did you guys start, what made you change your life, and start exercising. My reason was simply because i felt that had no strength and had almost no physical activity besides playing sports occasionally. And since i spent a lot of time in front of a computer, i knew that i had to do something. So one day, i decided to search the internet for home workouts, and that's when i stumbled across Darebee.

    I have occasionally used several Darebee workouts for quite some time but I registered and started to participate only from February this year.
    What I've noticed is that using the programs and challenges in a structured way my body has changed a lot more than doing even the most difficult workouts but only 3-4 times a week.
    I used to train even before, every day but now I train more methodically and have lots of fun thanks to Darebee


      What a great thread to start.

      I stumbled across darebee after being part of another fitness related website before I found them I was using an app called Fizzup I Done that for I think about 5 months and in the end felt like it was not doing enough for me, so I was looking for fitness forums to keep me motivated and also to find ways to make the workouts better, that website kept me motivated for a little while when I was doing Fizzup.

      Since coming over to Darebee I first built up my own little program then over the past few months been doing the programs here think I have been here since September last year.

      I have also seen my body change quite a bit after starting Darebee as shows in my progress thread that I made that shows my journey so far



        So I imagine you're probably looking at asking people who have been around for more than a couple months, but I feel like throwing in someone like me might be worth noting.

        I've technically known about Darebee for awhile before joining and starting on any programs, but only stuck to things over the past two and a half months or so. A lot of what got me to do it was because, fun fact, I hit the BMI levels for obese (very low at around 31 if I remember right, but still) and my family has a noted history of diabetes issues that can and has manifested in men around my general age bracket when they don't take care of themselves. Either I change or I get very sick. That's not all there is to it, but those were probably the most pressing issues at hand.

        Before I started Darebee properly, I'd done a few running programs on my own and fell in love with it. As I've slowly started shedding weight (I'm still decidedly overweight, but I'm a little less than halfway to what my goal weight area is), I've become more confident in looking at gaining goals surrounding my fitness and things I want to do with a lighter body in mind. I want to get to about an 8 minute mile and I'm working on learning how to dance alongside my Darebee fitness endeavors. I'm hoping that once my weight settles down - wherever and whenever it does - to get into cosplaying... I wouldn't mind doing it now, but I've lost more than a few inches in the last ten weeks. As it is, quite a few of my clothes are too big now and I'd rather wait if only to save money than anything else. Another noted benefit of a lot of this for me is that I'm now a lot more invested and excited for my creative pursuits in writing and a lot less scared to throw myself in the deep end even if it means that I get told 'no' a dozen or more times. Eventually someone's gotta like what I can give them!

        So while I'm not going to say I've reached my goals - I'm on track to do exactly that and it's making an overall improvement in my mental and emotional health.


          For how much have you been using the Darebee workouts?

          Well, I've known Darebee for a couple years now. I even created an account and wanted to be part of the community, but forgot about it and carried on until recently.

          I found this place out of coincidence. Back then I was starting to get out of the "How to" Youtube fitness videos that I wasn't really convinced, so while I was playing Tomb Raider II and staring at Lara's unrealistic body, I was wondering if there was a way to be that agile. A google search later and low and behold, found the Croft Workout and I explored the site since. It turned out that many of the things that I was doing were wrong.

          What was your reason, why you started exercising?

          Three reasons:

          1) Being overweight for the majority of my life. I've always wanted to get in shape, but I always end up discouraged. In school, teachers always put pressure on me, always out of shape, to do a 3K run without stopping, but one minute in and I was already out of breath. They also wanted me to reach my toes even though I couldn't even get pass my knees (I still can't, but I'm reaching farther than before and still working on it). Add up bullying, and one time that one of my bullies who knew tae kwon do broke my lip, I just didn't want anything to do with fitness anymore. So I spent the majority of my late teens and my early 20s without any activity whatsoever, until summer 2015, when...

          2) ...Gender Dysphoria appeared. "Hey, guess what? You're a girl inside a man's body, so what are you gonna do about that now?" My self-steem was as low as possible, and I had to take a long time to realize that there was nothing I could do about it. There was no way back. Back then I was also going through hell in university, I was even considering quitting because it wasn't what I wanted, plus it took a lot of my time and energy, and there was nothing but strikes all over the place. I had plenty of opportunities, but only now I realized that I missed those over some fake comfort and fear. So I decided to take the wheels of my life on my own and started by working out. It was hard at the beginning, hitting plateaus and not knowing what to do, until Darebee showed up. I begun doing the Fighter training plan and lost all the extra weight, and then I switched to Knight.

          3) Life in Venezuela is hard, but it is harder living my life. I'm a victim of narcissistic abuse, and there is no way I can leave my household for I sold my soul to the devil: I have many responsabilities that tie me to this place for at least the end of the year. Used to be in therapy, but couldn't afford it anymore. There is no access to hormones in this country, and I live in the most transphobic state of the territory. Forget about politics; everyday is always bad news, and people's conformity never helps. I don't put up with activism, since that usually means jail and torture, aside from the fact that I'm a philosophical anarchist, meaning that I'm neutral. "Remember when I got beaten in high school and got my lip broken?" I still have the scar of the stitches. "Never get beaten up again, ok?" Decided to work out to build an intimidating image, and also, to research and practice some combat moves for self-defense. Found krav magá, fell in love with it. Overall, my mood has improved, my stress levels have been lowered and I stood away from news, and only stuck with those in cases of emergencies (like those days-long powercuts we've been having this year, God forbid one of those show up again).

          Do you remember your life before this, did you change looking back at it?

          Yes, I do. From a fatty boy who used to be quite a jerk to an androgynous girl working everyday to be more gracefully feminine, I've changed a lot, so much that people from my past who haven't left yet see me and don't even recognize who I am (and I'm not even out of the closet). I feel stronger, confident and more in control of any aspect of my life. And even when everything looks like hell, I still can smile.

          All my focus is now into leaving this place. However, I'll be careful. I've seen the destruction of venezuelans who leave the country and suddenly get fat. I'm not going to do that.

          Have you improved?

          Still working on my bucket list. Splits are taking some time, but I'll get to them. Pistol squats and one-handed push-ups are also in the bucket list. A handstand will be on the far future; for now I'll focus on things that I can do on my own without risk.

          However, I did improve. I can't do 100 push-ups, not even 50 in a row, but tell my 2014 self that I can do 25 push-ups in a go, and the number is slowly going up, she'll laugh. Hard.

          Did you reach your goals?

          I did. But with me is like with every single goal I reach, I get 10 more new ones.

          Did Darebee help you build up your strength and muscle?

          I think so, but I can't fully answer that. What I can tell you is that I dramatically lost a lot of weight thanks to Darebee. So much so that my face has its real shape.

          For those who are veterans, how much have you changed, physically and mentally?

          I don't consider myself a veteran, but to sum it up: I'm happier and more confident. I trust myself even more than before. I accepted myself as I am. Improved looks also improve confidence, thus it made me more charismatic and I've seen to be in control of many situations, which is good because I'm a teacher working freelance. And since I'm teaching myself how to fight and protect myself, the confidence is growing.

          Overall I can say that I went through hell and back, and went back through hell and back, and back through hell and back. I believe I'm not the only one like this in this community.


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            To contribute a little myself...

            I've been an active member of the Hive for over 4 years, now. I wasn't exactly new to exercising back then, but I needed both more variety in my workout routines and more consistency in my training. Needless to say, I found both here.

            What originally drew me to the site was the focus on martial art practice, but since then, it's also made me better both at calisthenics and running. My cardio is much better, and so is my core strength. I have been able to maintain an overall muscle-to-fat ratio I am quite happy with, even if things could always be better.

            Listing everything would be long, and probably tedious. Like everybody, my fitness level has had up and downs, and it's not always been a straight line, but I'm still here, enjoying the journey as much as ever, and feeling comfortable and confident as I grow older, because I know I can use the resource to stay healthy.

            From a personal point of view, I would say my training has given me more self-confidence and discipline, because it has shown me I could tackle difficult things and see them through.

            And I have met lots and lots of remarkable people thanks to the Hive, sometimes in real life. People who can be tough, strong, brave, creative, clever, funny and determined. But also people who are not afraid to say it when they're going through a rough patch, when they are facing self-doubt or life has been unkind. Because this is the kind of place where you can say those things, and not be judged the worse for them - quite the opposite.

            Long may it continue, guys.


              Hi, there!

              For how much have you been using the Darebee workouts? Nearly three years at the end of August. Already!!!

              What was your reason, why you started exercising? My initial search was for abs exercise, and then I saw the beginners programs and thought it might me worth trying... and the rest is history

              Do you remember your life before this, did you change looking back at it? Definitly more sports! Now I exercise daily, when life allows I also run and go to the gym, things that were unthinkable 3 years ago.

              Have you improved? Did you reach your goals? Did Darebee help you build up your strength and muscle? Well, my abs are not model worthy but I am slimmer, stronger, with more stamina.

              For those who are veterans, how much have you changed, physically and mentally? If three years can be counted as veteran, well, my body is definitly healthier , mentally it is also something that helps me disconnect from stress and anxiety. The community here is also a very good and very important part of here, they helped me though a knee injury, bouts of anxiety / depression, and encouraged and taught me when I took running. And I appreciate my body - and what it can do, despite its limitations, much better.


                For how much have you been using the Darebee workouts?
                This September it'll be one year. I found Darebee through the Self-Improvement General thread on 4chan's /fit/ board where some Anon recommended the site. A real life-changer

                What was your reason why you started exercising?
                Basically two things: I wanted to look better naked and because my boobs got smaller. I have a very squishy body (still normal weight, though) and I figured a trim and toned body would look better with smaller boobs. Pretty feminine reason for myself.

                Do you remember your life before this, did you change looking back at it?
                Well, before Darebee I tried for ~two years different ways of getting fit, mostly dumbbells and calisthenics. To be honest, for the biggest part I pretty much f*cked around and didn't do anything for months inbetween. Then I found the Darebee programs and everything clicked into place (I usually work better following structured things). Some things changed: my torso is much more toned (especially my midriff), I can do squats now (something I never managed) , I can do real push-ups (11 in a row so far!) and my endurance got much better. I can actually keep up with my husband now when he walks with his usual speed! I'm a bit happier now and collecting badges showed me that I can complete things when I want to (I'm a huge quitter).

                Have you improved? Did you reach your goals? Did Darebee help you build up your strength and muscle?
                Uhm, I kinda answered that in the above paragraph already. There's still a lot to do and I'll probably don't reach my somewhat un-realistic goal (doing Human Flags) not anytime soon, but I've come a long way in the past ~1 year so that gives me hope for the future.

                For those who are veterans, how much have you changed, physically and mentally?
                I'm not really a veteran, but my shoulders and back don't hurt any more, working out gives me a good weapon against recurring depressive episodes and I developed a tiny bit of discipline. Now I only have to use that in other things in my life. Oh! And the people here in the Hive motivated me to be more positive (I like motivating others and cheering them on) and that gave me a bit more positivity in real life. So, thanks Bees!


                  For how much have you been using the Darebee workouts?
                  I've been a member of "The Hive" and Darebee since April 2016...more than 3 years!!

                  What was your reason why you started exercising?
                  A friend of mine from USN boot camp asked me to join her in a personal challenge and introduced me to the site. At that point, I had been disabled a little over a year due to my health issues. I was slowly losing strength and mobility. I was already using a cane and a walker to get around and I was damned if I was gonna end up wheelchair bound! I was only in my 30s and I started to fight Back! My friend found her niche with another avenue, but I was HOOKED! I'm now on a 900+ day fitness streak!

                  Do you remember your life before this, did you change looking back at it?
                  I was wearing a US women's size 10, low energy, unhappy, dealing with chronic pain/health issues and multiple physical limitations. Now, I am wearing a size 00 to 0, still deal with low energy and pain from my chronic health issues, but my endurance, confidence, and depression have seen improvements and most of all, 3 years later I am still able to avoid being in a wheelchair!

                  Have you improved? Did you reach your goals? Did Darebee help you build up your strength and muscle?
                  Pretty much answered in the aforementioned. But the Darebee style, flexibility, creativity and affordability have indeed helped! My thread also helps me stay accountable.

                  For those who are veterans, how much have you changed, physically and mentally?
                  Lol. Some days I feel invincible, but yet my body quickly reminds me of my limits. However, the confidence boost is UNREAL! I am doing things I never imagined and although I modify things to accommodate my limitations, I have developed muscle tone and definition that I didn't even have in high school and that is pretty amazing as I'm approaching my 40th! I've also made some pretty awesome friends who have been a great support to me.


                    1) Four years now
                    2) I was traveling with my wife and infant daughter for job interviews and wanted a fun workout that wouldn't require a lot of equipment or space, and I was really into the first season of Daredevil and comics in general... and here we are.
                    3) Yes, I remember everything before.
                    4) I think so, at least with moving my body around. My weightlifting has probably suffered.
                    5) Yes.
                    6) Yes and no. A lot of muscle growth came from dietary changes and lifting heavy; Darebee helped a lot with toning and overall body control. Mentally nothing has changed.
                    7) This isn't in response to an explicit question, but I feel like there was an unspoken question here at the end... I started exercising in general because I had just turned 25 and was very underweight and eating a very unhealthy diet. I wanted to take control of my body and my life, so I joined a gym, changed my diet, and started exercising. Now, ten years later, I've reached my goal weight, I'm healthier than I've ever been, and stronger than I've ever been. With Darebee, the raw numbers may be different (like I said, I'm sure if I did a bench press it wouldn't be great, as I haven't lifted weights in a loooong time), but I think overall I've improved.