Any ideas how to stick to my diet and lose my little Belly fat?

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    Any ideas how to stick to my diet and lose my little Belly fat?

    I'm trying to lose my little belly fat ! i just started my diet 2 weeks ago, i've lost 5 Ib in 3 days of running only. my weight was 135 Ib and now my weight is 130 Ib. Any advises ?
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    On May last year I decided to eat sweets only on weekends. It is easier then I thought, and I definitely eat less of them.


      Try having a read on the articles in the fitness section.
      Like this one:
      or this:

      The general thing is that you cannot target your belly fat but lose overall Body fat.
      To achieve that the steps are: eat less and exercise more. Simple, but hard.

      Try to eat more protein in your diet. That will satiate you more and longer.
      Also do not only depend on running alone. Though cardio is the common way to loose weight, you should also consider some strength excercise to build muscle.
      Musle is leaner and burns fat just to maintain itself.

      Also you will look more defined.


        Hey- welcome to Darebee. It is awesome here and I hope you are having fun.

        On to your questions.... I have non-traditional thoughts on weight loss so I may not help you but I wanted to share my perspective.

        You share with us that you have been following a "diet" for "two weeks" and you have lost "five pounds". Ok. That all sounds great especially the five pounds lost. What concerns me is the time frame and the diet perspective. Any way that any of us eats is our diet. Diet is not a fancy word and really could mean anything. Normally when people talk about diet in terms of weight loss they are referring to a calorie deficit. Following a calorie deficit on purpose is a behavior change. One would hope that that behavior change is easy enough for you to follow for the next many years of your whole life. That rarely is the case. I think many just treat a calorie deficit as something that lasts for the short term. I strongly believe that if you want to change your body in any way that relies on a deficit or body recomposition, the food changes you make are ones that can be sustainable forever. It should not be a stressor in any form.

        I say this because I did this at least 8 times. I would change how I ate, I would lose a nice amount of weight, feel proud, and then stop. Reason being. It was not sustainable. It did not cooperate with how my brain works. And it was not enjoyable.

        The body when losing weight or recomposing itself will do it in a way that makes sense for it. For me, if I gain weight, it is always on my thighs. For many people the lower belly area is the last place to go.

        Losing five pounds in two weeks is really good progress, but how much will you weigh next month or from six months on. Those are the important questions.

        And sometimes it is not so simple as eating less and working out more because that goes into the complex thing called life. Living and breathing while interacting with others and eating is a complicated affair. The last time I tried to do a calorie deficit I could not get to lunch. Time went into a painful paradigm. Behaivorly for me it is far easier for me to work out harder and eat the same amount than the other way around.

        Also all of this takes way more time than we think. But that is a good and wonderful thing. It gives you a chance to figure out how you interact with food and exercise and learn more about yourself. If you signed up for a 2-3 year degree program where you would have an awesome degree or certificate at the end with extra knowledge, that would be a good thing and it would not seem long. I am sure you would enjoy the process.

        It is the same thing here.

        So, my tips are: figure out what foods that are healthy, and tasty and that you enjoy eating. Second figure out how much you need to eat so that you are hungry before your next meal. You should be excited to eat for each meal. Figure out how much activity you need to do to change your composition. Figure out if you want to see change in a week period or a month. Again what is sustainable for you. Like for me, I don't see change day to day, but month to month I do.

        Give it time, and let nature take its course, and that belly will go away. But it takes work, but if you do it the right way for you, it won't seem like work. It will be a awesome experience.

        I hope this is somewhat beneficial.

        And, most importantly, have fun!!


          I agree with my fellow Wisconsinite. We need to do what is sustainable long term. I have a friend who went on a particular diet that is super popular right now and shed a bunch of weight. But it wasn't sustainable. There's no way that he was going to keep up such self depravation. Long term it's not healthy and it's mentally difficult and in the end you'll be right back where you started. And that is depressing and causes one to give up. So eat healthy food, healthy portions, plenty of protein, and exercise regularly. You will be healthy in the long run, not just for a few months.

          Have fun! A healthy lifestyle is a beautiful thing.