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    The Semifinals are tough to predict, all these teams were really good. However, none of these teams played against each other, so I'm sure they'll need to changed tactics to overcome one another.
    Tajo I'm with you! The year I started watching CS:GO majors was the year V.P won their first one! V.P will make a comeback sometime this year, they just need to play on their home turf.

    April 2nd Predictions Semifinals:

    Astralis vs NaVi 2-1 (Now that I've seen Astralis' true potential, thank you KYRO )
    Luminosity vs Liquid 2-1 (going with better judgement. If Liquid wins I'm happy or if my prediction is right I'm happy! win/win for me )


      Damn, it's true what the people say about Astralis - they should call themselves chokestralis (you know, because they are choking on their momentum). But I like to think that their time will soon come. For now it was really great game by Na'Vi.


        KYRO Likewise, I feel the same about Team Liquid. My girlfriend and I were yelling for them to win those last rounds, they get to 15 wins and choke so badly! The frustration was real.
        But, the double jumping noscope on Mirage in B apartments by coldzera (Luminosity Gaming) was pretty badass. To further that epic shot, he got another noscope and ended that round with a 4k. That was the turning point for Luminosity and why they won against Liquid. However, I really dislike TACO (Luminosity Gaming) since he used an auto sniper throughout half the game on cache. That was a very low blow. Na'Vi vs Luminosity, have fun watching the Major!

        Anyways, here's the highlight of the year. Enjoy everyone!


          So, Luminosity vs Na'Vi again, eh? Any major tournament this year, there always was Luminosity vs Na'Vi. I will root for Luminosity and I think there will win 2-1, but not that easily.
          EDIT: Oh, and for the All-Stars game - Europe ftw!
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            Good call KYRO it'll be a tough game. I'm cheering for Na'Vi since that's one of my girlfriend's favorite team. NaVi vs Luminosity 2-1
            I wish you good luck and enjoy the game! BTW, the MLG trophy looks epic!
            I personally didn't see the All Star game, but I'm looking at the end results now. Holy crap I think this is the first time the US side won XD


              As far as you guys may know MLG Colombus 2016 ended today! I want to thank Gost Ωmega (my dear loving boyfriend) for being a part of the debate in every single tournament that was going on stream. For being a Fnatic, Team Liquid, NaVi, EnVyUs fan.
              I was pretty upset and sad to see Team Liquid lose, especially when Team Liquid player (s1mple) choked pretty hard in every map they've played.

              Although I've had faith on every single team to come this far and to actually win, I just want to say that I was pretty depressed after seeing Luminosity Gaming win over Team Liquid. I can't deny though Team Liquid did their best but choked so hard, oh well GG MOFOS by Moses (click video to hear him say it for the LOLs)

              The crowd was going crazy and so was I at home until...... Murica lost. *sobs in a corner* I am sad that USA lost but I am glad they came this far ever since 2014! I didn't lose hope yet, i will continue to cheer up for the next Major

              Let's not forget: Taco AUTO noob thread here: (can't believe this guy actually used an AUTO in a pro match)

              Highlights of the day click here to see what you've missed!

              Cited pages:

              Hope everyone have a good night and I will see you guys around soon!!
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                So guys, I'm finally writing about MLG Columbus 2016! I couldn't watch the final game live but it was 1st thing for me on the next day. I'm soooo happy that Luminosity won! They really deserved this win, especially after IEM Katowice and they did it in such styleSick plays came from both sides on mirage with even sicker clutches, but overpass was complete annihilation of the Na'Vi team.

                Also, GG for the All-Stars Game on brand new nuke, which is pretty s*#t, even worse as the previous one imho.

                As for TACO autosniper, I understand where the frustration comes from, but these weapons aren't banned and should be played with. Although, I don't like to play with it, let alone against it, maybe
                damage on that should be tweaked. On the other hand, we saw in the final flamie go for the autosniper twice (I think) and that buy didn't get him far...

                And the... neh, T-H-E Incident with GG mofos was soooo funny.

                EDIT: There will be DreamHack Masters Malmö in a week with both CLG and Liquid attending. So you know... we will see soon, KeepitUpLizzy92, Tajo and Gost Ωmega
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