Studies show that most people gain weight when they are in a relationship. It’s not just that the hunt is over and we already have someone to share our life with and we don’t feel the pressure to stay in shape, it’s also the fact that we now have to coordinate everything we do with our other half we now share everything with. Staying in shape while in a relationship can be challenging, but it can also be something that brings you closer together and helps you bond. Something that makes you and your relationship stronger. It all depends on how you approach it.

Recruit your other half to participate

Work on the principle that couples who train together stay together. All you need is a little bit of planning with all parties being aware of the precise time and the kind of training you will be doing so everyone is mentally and physically ready for it. Talk it out, look at available options together, make it a couple thing and work around your schedules and other commitments. There are many ways to work out together without leaving your house or spend any extra money on equipment or gym membership. You can even make it a habit to work out in front of the TV instead of having a family meal while glued to the screen.  Pick a time during the day when no matter what you both have to drop whatever you are doing and show up for a training session and a work out. People who are in sync and who can find the time for each other also tend to have a more fulfilling and happy relationship and fitness is one of these things that can bring people closer together. 

If you can’t recruit your other half for whatever reason and the only option is to work out alone, make sure you talk about it and explain exactly what you are doing, when and especially – why. It’s important that your other half understands your motives and can see that you are serious about your fitness. 

Get a plan and have it where you can see it - at all times

Finding a good program to follow is half the battle, sticking to it is another matter entirely. The main obstacle is that we tend to find the plan but then ignore it half the time. Print everything out and put it on display, cross things out on completion and track your progress. It also helps when you need to make sure your family understands what you are doing and especially when so they know not to bother you during these time slots or maybe have an option to join in.  

Agree on the menu 

When we are in a relationship we can’t cancel dinners or get by on half a yogurt and some sunlight – it wouldn’t be fair to the person you are with. So there will be cooking and there will be eating no matter what. If you agree beforehand on the healthier options and find the kind of menu you will be both comfortable with, you don’t just get to eat healthier you also get all the moral support you need. It’s easier to follow a plan when you do it together. It helps to sit down and talk about it, not just announce that you no longer eat - period, but reason it out why would you want change your eating habits, what it’ll change for the two of you and how it’ll affect you both in the long run. Explaining the “whys” is vital in this case.

Make your house fitness friendly

The best way to avoid snacking is to remove chips and candy (crisps and sweets) from your house completely. So when you want to have something special and not-so-good for you, you’ll have to leave the house and go get it first. At the very least, you’ll get a walk out of it and best case scenario – you won’t want to bother going out and won’t snack. You can place a bowl of washed and ready to eat apples and pears on a table for when you feel like crunching on something. Clear the area in your house for exercise and set reminders everywhere you can all around to stay motivated. Change your screensaver on your laptop to match your fitness goals and keep your programs and workout charts at hand at all times. Post it notes with messages to yourself will work, too. 

  • Eat your dinners while talking to each other – it’ll help you mind what you eat and you’ll eat less. 
  • Go for a short walk after every meal together.
  • Plan your cheat meal for the weekend and eat healthy the rest of the time.
  • Choose activities that will make you move – try to do at least one active thing every evening. 
  • Walk everywhere together – you can even race each other on a dare to different locations.
  • Get an active hobby as a couple, like cycling or city photography.
  • Going running together is unbeatable.

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