You can’t change what you can’t track. Fitness Log: 100 Days Of Change is for everyone who wants to stay active, get fitter, improve muscle tone and feel better.

Over 100 days you can track:

    • The type of workout you do each time;
    • The workout intensity you experience;
    • Moods and feelings that affect you;
    • The muscle groups you exercise;
    • Food intake and overall nutrition;
    • Meditation time;
    • Liquid intake;
    • Stress levels;
    • Sleep quality.

Through your log you build a comprehensive, analytical picture of your fitness journey, inside and out. This helps you understand what works best for you, what affects you the most and what you can do to improve your health and fitness, faster. Optimize the variables that affect your body and mind and find the shortest route to a better physical, mental and emotional version of you.

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This fitness log is complete and it is absolutely free - no strings attached. The project is supported exclusively via donations, we have no sponsors or ads on this website. If you like this collection, please consider donating a dollar to help us support and maintain this resource.

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