DAREBEE website, all of its resources and materials, are completely free to access for everyone. There are no, and never will be, ads or product placements here. It isn’t free for us to run it this way.

Every month DAREBEE pays:

  • Workshop rent, electricity and water bills;
  • Hosting and support fees;
  • Backup fees;
  • Multiple software licences;
  • Printing house fees;
  • Salaries for work that cannot be done by volunteers*.

* Sometimes we can make alternative arrangements, sometimes we can’t. During tough times some employees forgo their monthly payments and donate them to DAREBEE. It isn’t possible on a regular basis but everyone does what they can.

Every now and then we need to be able to cover hardware repair and replacement. We also pay for additional programming and any work that cannot be done in-house. Anything we cannot do ourselves is outsourced and has to be paid for. This usually comes out of our Development or Emergency funds.

The DAREBEE accountant makes projections each month to see how we are doing and warns us in advance if we are running low on funds in case we need to fund-raise or place some services or initiatives on hold.

Throughout the years we’ve been able to adjust and adapt to the rising costs of running this place. Because of everyone contributing to the project we’ve been able to continue to exist. The existence of DAREBEE is an unspoken social contract. People who can donate contribute for those who are unable to give anything but need access to this service. Every donation makes a difference not just to us but to everyone using this website.

This place will never make anyone rich. It will never be sold and it will never change its way. We don’t need it to make a ton of money, we just need it to make enough to be able to function and still be here next time someone needs us.