Each workout starts with an idea and is then developed from there, designed and then mass tested to make sure we get it just right. It takes anything from two weeks to two months to bring out each one and there are usually several in the pipeline at any given time, already being tested by others - small workshops scattered around the world. 

Sometimes it starts with a theme and then we tailor a workout to fit it. And other times a workouts falls into place first and it finds a name near the release date. Most of the time, though, it comes together naturally along the way. 

All of the routines are put together by team members who have extended experience in the fitness fields and know how the human body works. To the naked eye our routines look similar - it’s because of our very own unique structure and design, but they are not at all the same: they won’t work the same, they won’t feel the same and they will most certainly give you different results. It’s not just the number of reps and type of exercises, we take everything into account including the transition from each and the effect it has on your body as you go from set to set as your muscle tire out. We put a lot of thinking into each one and each one is precious to us. 

Once a workout is ready and tested we put it together using our exclusive exercise library - each poster is put together manually by our graphic designers. There is no software that does that automatically if you were wondering - we make everything look similar on purpose so we have continuity and style. It is a manual process every time, though, there are no shortcuts. 

All of our exercise illustrations are drawn in-house by our team members as well. If we don’t have specific exercise images ready we draw one and add it to our collection. We constantly update our exercise library, too, we make our images sharper and easier to understand - our style has evolved a lot throughout the years. Sometimes you come across our older workouts and you can see different illustrations for the same exercise - this is why. 

Once a workout is ready, it’s been tested and designed - we give it yet another go in our final control group. We run a quality-control workshop with all ages and fitness levels and we note how everyone performs and where some struggle more with a particular routine. The final testing is always done at level III. We make final adjustments if necessary and then the workout is ready to be added to the queue for final release.

We try to release at least 2-3 workouts per week but we always take quality over quantity on this one. Sometimes, instead of new releases, we pick older workouts and run them through testing again. This often happens when we get independent data or come across better ways to train (and get better returns). We constantly update our collection and look for new more challenging ways to train. 

We don’t want to have more workouts but we do want to have more quality ones.