If you are a PE teacher or a parent, you can use the DAREBEE resource for remote lessons and as a source of educational materials. You can also record follow along videos for the workouts and daily dares and post them online.

The website is young-audience friendly and it is also ad and product-placement free. Just like Wikipedia, DAREBEE is supported exclusively via user-donations - we don’t accept sponsorship, sell anything or require any signups to access all aspects of the resource. All of the materials on the website are vigorously tested for weeks, sometimes months, prior to release and are completely safe. We work really hard to create a positive and encouraging judgement-free environment and provide the tools for people of all ages to stay active and healthy, especially in these challenging times.

Currently DAREBEE provides a platform for thousands of remote PE lessons worldwide so we are very careful about what we feature on a daily basis.

New materials are released daily.

You can also follow us for updates via our Twitter @darebees and official Instagram account @darebeecom.

You can share our posters online or offline in any quantities, so long as they are not modified, our copyright remains intact and it is done non-commercially. If you tag us online and use #darebee, we will cheer you on and reshare your posts.