Short answer: there isn’t. And there are two reasons why. One, we are simply unable to maintain one single file and keep it up to date. We update the website every day: sometimes we add new routines, at other times we update older ones. Something is always happening. If we create a file it’ll simply be out of date 2-3 days later. A week later or a month it’ll be completely different to the resource’s content and it will not be as good. In order to maintain an up-to-date file someone has to mind it every single day and that’s extra resources we just don’t have.

But even if we did, there is a second reason. We have already tried it in the past but unfortunately it did more harm than good. People used to download the file and go away, possibly never even unzipped it. It became a “download & forget” kind of situation. Whereas here you can discover routines, participate in daily dares or weekly quests and become part of the community (if you want to) to help find and then maintain your motivation. In the process you also become part of us, you discover how everything is made and maintained - nothing happens in the vacuum and that’s also important to remember. All the work we do here, all the effort of so many people cannot simply be reduced to a one-click download - it just wouldn’t be fair.