No single person can be bigger than a great idea. DAREBEE is no exception. Unlike places that start with a cool name we slowly evolved into one. It all started as a hobby for one person. Neila Rey had the idea of sharing her fitness routines, using the ‘tricks’ and gimmicks she employed to stay fit and remain motivated. Her work found an audience and so did her idea of making fitness accessible to everyone. DAREBEE now stands for a set of values aimed at empowering the individual to change himself and, maybe, the world. Neila Rey’s initial vision slowly became a team effort, what we do and how we do things became more structured, more professional and we eventually began running this place as the resource it is today. It took us a long time to realize that we were still running under a NeilaRey flag. We got so caught up in making this place happen we were completely oblivious to the fact that we still had no real identity. 

Neila Rey started it all but that was just the initial spark. The idea evolved and so have we. We had to finally sit down and define ourselves and that’s how DAREBEE was born. 

And yes, it just happened in a lightbulb lighting up fashion. It simply occurred to us one day. 

We did have a few questions regarding our name change, whether we were sold or had to change for legal reasons and so on but it was nothing like that, it was simply the next stage in our evolution. We felt that what we do should not belong to one person or even a team, it should belong to everyone and it had to be reflected in the name. 

We changed the name but everything else remained exactly the same - same people, same way of doing things, same principals. When Neila started publishing her workouts online she did it through her personal website ( - and it simply stuck until we realized we could do better. Ok, it took us a while to see that.