We feel that the fitness industry is being way too harsh on people. It’s their way or the highway when it comes to training and there usually isn’t much fun in it either. In our experience, the only way to make something not particularly enjoyable stick long-term is to make it fun. If you don’t you can push yourself for X number of days, get results and then drop the whole thing making those results temporary at best. You do it again and again creating your very own personal hell where exercise is viewed as something you punish yourself with for eating that extra cookie. It shouldn’t be that way, it can be fun and it can be(come) enjoyable.

We give our routines quirky names for the same reason we heavily use gamification here - because we want you to have fun with training, make it memorable but in a good way. Even when you struggle you can say that you have just “Released the Kraken” or went Super Saiyan and your power is over 9000 now. Small things like that add up and make exercise just a little bit more sustainable. Long term, it becomes easier and easier and one day you realize you have been training every day. Your body has changed and so has your mental outlook.  

You also get to conquer workouts and “unlock” them in a way. Doing 7 sets of the Spartan is impressive. It makes you feel and then also look good. 

We never aimed to become just another fitness website, we aimed to offer an alternative to everything else that already exists. And although we still do offer more classic titled routines, the goofy ones or the ones with a theme are the ones that work best - because they are that much easier to stick with.